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  1. Sabotage70

    Meet-up on the strip or downtown.

    I figured I'd bring back the poll. At the BBQ someone brought up that they wanted to go on the strip. Myself and a few others like downtown. So we'll let majority rule. Once it's decided, we'll figure out the details then.
  2. Sabotage70

    Is it to late...

    for a Saturday lunch meet up on 8-11? I was thinking of having lunch at the Black Bear diner at 11:00. The Black Bear is located on the NW corner of Trop and Jones. They have good food and is OC friendly. And afterwords, if anyone's up to do something, I'm game.
  3. Sabotage70

    Lock-n-load is anti-OC

    It's been a while sense I've been to lnl. But last week I needed to get another belt before I went on vacation. I was pretty surprised when I pulled up and seen this on the door. I was always luke warm on the store but this just made me cold as to how I feel about them now. Which really sucks...
  4. Sabotage70

    Lunch Time

    If you're not doing anything this sat. Join me for lunch at the Black Bear Diner at 11:00 am June 9th.
  5. Sabotage70

    First Saturday luncheon. 03-03-12

    This month we'll go to the north end of town. When: 11:00 am on 03-03-12 Where: Magoo's on Cheyenne and Decatur. We've been there before so I know they are OC friendly.
  6. Sabotage70

    Dinner at PT's

    After a long wait, it's about time we get out and get something to eat. And what better place than PT's pub. When: Feb 18th at 6pm Where: 5355 South Decatur Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89118
  7. Sabotage70

    My latest run in at the DMV

    They took down the signage so I didn't think I would have a problem. I was hoping to get another 30 days for the Jeep that we got. Couldn't so on the way out the security guard follows me out and tells me that I can't carry and that it's a misdemeanor. I told him that he was wrong and that he...
  8. Sabotage70

    It's about time we get another group photo in front of the sign.

    "Run What Ya Brung" edition. :) With the great success of the last one. The new faces that have been coming around. I figured it's about we have a new one. :monkey This time we're going to have a little twist. If you're familiar with racing you'll know what I mean by "run what ya brung." Now...
  9. Sabotage70

    Polish up your BBQ guns -11/5

    Now that the weather is nice and Henderson respects our right to carry in the parks. Saturday Nov. 5 at park to be determined by TBG I will be bringing my BBQ along with about 15 pounds of yardbird. It's not the average chicken. I get it from a mex. market and the stuff is the best. But if...
  10. Sabotage70

    Had a nice little live chat with Petco.com

    I stopped at Petco on my way home from work yesterday to get some crickets for my gecko. Shortly after entering the store the GM gets my attention and tells me I cannot carry in the store. I offered to cover it with my work uniform and and he didn't go for that either. Told him I'll just take my...
  11. Sabotage70

    Anyone hungry?

    I haven't forgot about the OC lunches. This time we'll being going to the north side of town. Specifically Surf City Bar&grill 1435 W Craig Rd # D North Las Vegas, NV 89032. They're located on the SE corner of Craig & MLK. Show up so we can grab a table @ 11:00 AM(1100, ELEVEN O'CLOCK)on...
  12. Sabotage70

    First Saturday luncheon. 08-06-11

    This time I figured I would change it up a little bit. There's a Cafe' Rio Across the street from UNLV on Maryland parkway. It's close to the center of town and I think it's in a great location. Lets meet up at 11:00 am. and go from there. Cafe' Rio has really good Mexican food made to order.
  13. Sabotage70

    Back by popular demand: The Las Vegas Strip.

    With all the attention the strip has been getting. Some of us feel it's time to head on back. Friday July 22 we will be meeting out in front of the Harley Davidson Cafe at 8:00 pm on the corner of Harmon and Las Vegas blvd. There is parking there but it's for customers or you will be towed...
  14. Sabotage70

    Time for the Strip again.

    The days are getting warmer and you know what that means. Time for another daytime OC meet up on the Strip before it gets to hot for the day. I plan on parking at Bill's on Flamingo and LV Blvd. So let's meet out in front at 11:00am on May 21st.
  15. Sabotage70

    Impromptu Fremont St. meet up.

    Sorry for the short notice but a fellow Nevada OC member is stranded down here in Fabulous Las Vegas till Sunday and would like to OC and meet some of us southerners, sharp end or East Cali as some of you northerners like to call us. The Mint 400 is running this weekend and they are going to...
  16. Sabotage70

    New Years Day Meet Up

    Since having a good time getting kicked out of a few of the downtown casinos. And finding one that we could eat at. I decided why not take it back to the strip and try and find a buffet that we could eat at. I know of a few good buffets off the strip but I'm not sure of the ones on the strip. If...
  17. Sabotage70

    Coming to Vegas for Thanksgiving?

    If you are, then you are invited to come gone us for an open carry meet up. I have a poll going on for either downtown or the strip and for Friday or Saturday. This will give you the opportunity to carry with your sidearm loaded. And see some of the great sights my city has to offer. Hope...
  18. Sabotage70

    OC Meet up on Thanksgiving weekend.

    This time I'm doing a pole with a few different options. It'll have the Friday/Saturday option and Strip/Downtown spot meet up spot. You guys and gals make the call.
  19. Sabotage70

    Lunch then Shoot meet-up 10/23

    With the recent request for a meet-up I decided now would be a good time to go shooting. But first lunch. At 11am on sat. 23 lets meet for lunch at Magoo's on Cheyenne and Decatur. Then from there we can just head north to the CCSP at the north end of Decatur. If you don't want to do the...
  20. Sabotage70

    Shooting in Lovell Canyon

    I'm planning on going up there on 09-18-10 at about 9am. If any of you others would like to come out your more than welcome. If a few others come out we can do a little clean up on the area.