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  1. Bookman


    Just wanted to introduce myself. I am a 14-year Navy veteran, newly returned from a nearly 10 year stay in the great Pacific Northwest, specifically the Seattle area. I was fairly active in the OC community there, "organizing" meet & greets at the local Starbucks and helping with a few other...
  2. Bookman

    Wet Side 2nd Saturday OC Meet

    I've thought pretty hard on this one and have decided to take a couple of months break from the 2nd Saturday Meet. If someone else wants to organize for August and September I promise not to let my feelings be hurt. Ciao for now!
  3. Bookman

    Wet Side 2nd Saturday OC Meet

    Just a reminder that this coming Saturday (7/14) is the 2nd Saturday of the month. Come out and meet with fellow OC'ers from all around the sound beginning at 9:30 at: Starbucks 1401 S. 348th St. Suite M101 Federal Way Lookin' forward to seeing you there!
  4. Bookman

    West Side 2nd Saturday OC Meet

    This coming Saturday (6/9) will be the 2nd Saturday in June. That means that it's time, once again, for all good little gunslingers to get together for some coffee, tea, or other beverage of choice. Date: Saturday, June 9 Time: 9:30 a.m. Place: Starbucks Coffee 1401 S. 348th St...
  5. Bookman

    Professor Bookman

    This seems to be the weekend for close encounters!:lol: Saturday, after the OC meet, I went to Warehouse Sports to pick up a few needed items for the upcoming camping trip in Wenatchee. I found most of what I was looking for, had a great encounter with a guy who had experience with the Mountain...
  6. Bookman

    Wet Side 2nd Saturday OC Meet

    Sorry for the late posting. I knd of forgot that this was the 2nd Saturday coming up. ANYWAY, it is and we'll be meeting at the same place at the same time. That is: Starbucks 1401 S 348th Street M101 Federal Way Date - 5/12/12 Time - 9:30am Weather forecast looks good, so I'm guessing we'll...
  7. Bookman

    2nd Saturday Meet in Federal Way

    Well y'all, it's that time of the month again. No, you jokers, not that time, THAT time! It's time for the 2nd Saturday OC Meet in Federal Way. Please join us at: Saturday - 4/14 Starbucks 1401 South 348th Street M101 Federal Way 9:30 am
  8. Bookman

    South Sound 2nd Saturday OC Meet-up

    It's time, once again, to come on over, up, down, whatever applies to you, and meet some of your fellow OC'ers. In an effort to compromise between two camps I'm splitting the difference on the time and making it 9:30 am. SO: Starbucks 1401 S 348th St Federal Way, WA 98003...
  9. Bookman

    South Sound 2nd Saturday OC Meet

    It's that time again, ladies and fellers! Time to gather a hoist a cup a joe, or whatever you happen ta be sippin' on that day, thank Starbucks fer not discriminatin' aginst us and just visit 'n have a good time. I've decide to change the time a little. Instead of meeting up at 9:00, we'll call...
  10. Bookman

    South Sound 2nd Saturday OC Meet

    It's that time of the month again, folks! No, Aunt Flo hasn't come to visit. It's time to meet some of your fellow OCers for a taste of the 3 Cs: Coffee, Conversation, and Camaraderie. Families welcome! When: Saturday (1/14) @ 9am Where: Starbucks - 1401 S 348th St, Federal Way For those of...
  11. Bookman

    Puget Sound Area 2nd Saturday OC Meet

    Where: Starbucks @ 348th and Pac Hwy in Federal Way When Saturday, 12/10 @ 9 am See you there! :dude:
  12. Bookman

    Hey! Yeah, YOU!

    Don't forget the 2nd Saturday meet in Federal Way this coming Saturday (10/8). Starbucks 348th & HWY 99 9:00 See ya! :D
  13. Bookman

    Western WA Second Saturday OC Meet

    Now that summer is over I'm thinking of starting up the 2nd Saturday meets again, but want to know how much interest there would be in doing so. I have two different ideas in mind for this. 1. We have breakfast at 9:00 at the IHOP at 204th and Pac Hwy, then adjourn to the Starbucks at Pac...
  14. Bookman

    June Western WA 2nd Saturday OC Meet

    We canceled the meet last month, but are starting again this month. Because of problems being seated as a group at the previous IHOP, we are moving to a new location. DEROS and I have spoken to the manager at the IHOP nearest to us and he is looking forward to hosting us. He told me to just let...
  15. Bookman

    May Western WA 2nd Saturday OC Meet

    Due to the number of events going on this month, I've decided to cancel the breakfast for this month. I need to concentrate on the camp out the following week. ETA: We'll start things up again next month.
  16. Bookman

    Western WA 2nd Saturday OC Meet

    It's that time again! Time to set the alarms early enough to join a great bunch of folks for breakfast and coffee. Breakfast will once again be at the IHOP. They : Saturday, 4/9/11 @ 9 am IHOP 178 SW Campus Dr. Federal Way Followed by coffee at: Starbucks 1401 S 348th St Federal Way...
  17. Bookman

    Friday, 2/11 3:00 pm

    I have a "date" to shoot with my insurance agent at Champion Arms. I would personally appreciate it if all are who are free to attend would do so. He is a really nice guy and I want to show him what OC is all about.
  18. Bookman

    It Figures!

    Brought to you by the one of the leading sponsors of last year's proposed AWB, which they'll probably try again this year. ."A state senator from Seattle wants to ease Washington's three-strikes law that imprisons repeat offenders for life."...
  19. Bookman

    Another Officer Involved Shooting

    This happened late last night. Details are pretty sketchy right now, but I did find these three articles. http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2013621150_shooting08m.html http://www.king5.com/news/local/Officer-involved-shooting-in-Seattle-111507649.html...
  20. Bookman

    Western WA 2nd Saturday Meet

    We've been doing this meet for just over a year now and I want to thank everyone who has been coming on a regular basis. It's nice to know that we can count on a regular time and place to get together with like minded people. Thanks to golddigger14s for bumping this up for this month. Last...