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  1. turbodog

    Northshore Breakfast

    imported post With several new posters from the northshore area coming on board, I'm wondering if anyone wants to get together for some coffee/breakfast this Saturday (March 6th). I'm always interested in talking with fellow OCers and a couple of us up here are usually willing to meet up at...
  2. turbodog

    Louisiana forms it's own Open Carry advocacy organization

    imported post Starting an organization from scratch is no easy thing, especially when the group espouses an idea or activity that is not considered mainstream. In the public eye, LOCAL is based upon an unusual and sometimes frightening concept and display. No one disagrees that to promote...
  3. turbodog

    Kenner gunshow

    imported post Gunshow this coming weekend (Sept. 19-20) at the Pontchartrain Center in Kenner. I gotta help a friend pour concrete on Saturday, but anyone wanna hook up Sunday for breakfast/lunch and check it out?
  4. turbodog

    "No carry" ordinance in Amite City

    imported post I've moved my whole post over here as I feel it deserves it's own commentary and it has little to do with the original topic (Walmart) it was posted under... crewdawg wrote: Excellent question! I don't have an answer that doesn't involve getting arrested, but still an excellent...
  5. turbodog

    Kenner gun show

    imported post Myself and a friend are gonna head over the the gun show at the ponchartrain center in Kenner tommorrow. We're gonna have a bite of breakfast at the IHOP on Williams blvd at about 8:30am. If anyone else is heading to the show early, and wants a shot of coffee and a hello, stop in.
  6. turbodog

    Slidell gun show

    imported post Just wondering if anyone was planning on going to the Slidell gun show this weekend.
  7. turbodog

    Holster for Beretta Tomcat

    imported post Anyone carry a Beretta Tomcat? I'm looking for a holster for my wife's lil' pistol. would be interested in hearing from folks who have one about the holster you use.
  8. turbodog

    Firearm-free zones and motorcycles

    imported post Looking up the business of firearm-free zones, I'm struck by this line in RS 14:95.6: "(5) Any constitutionally protected activity within the firearm-free zone, such as a firearm contained entirely within a motor vehicle." So, if you OC while riding a motorcycle through a...
  9. turbodog

    the ultimate gun owners grill

    imported post Somebody had time on their hands...
  10. turbodog

    Toe back in the water in Hammond

    imported post Ok, so my one and only experience with OC being in the negative column, I once more venture the proverbial toe into the OC waters again recently in my new home area of Tangipahoa parish. As my sister and nephew had come down to visit and he had a passion for IHOP food, I thought...
  11. turbodog

    Motorcycles and firearms

    imported post http://www.chuckhawks.com/motorcycle_firearms.htm :D
  12. turbodog

    How do states treat other states permits?

    imported post In my state (Louisiana) your issued a "Concealed Handgun Permit". Which allows only concealed handgun carry (open carry legal w/o permit) Some states issue "Concealed Weapon Permit" Which seems to allow other weapons besides handguns. Still others seem to issue a "Permit to Carry"...
  13. turbodog

    Firearm registration after private sale

    imported post Came across these while doing a little law browsing. To my knowledge, Louisiana does not prohibit private sale of firearms between individuals (except felons of course). I've bought and sold a few myself over the years and never registered any.Just wondering if this is a potential...
  14. turbodog

    Here's questions for all who open carry

    imported post I've been reading folk's stories of their experiences at OC'ing a firearm. Some have positive reactions from other citizens and LEO. Most seem to have neutral experiences (no one seemed to notice or at least acted like it) and other have had negative reactions, especially from...
  15. turbodog

    My first attempt at OC

    imported post Hello all. New to the group and thought I'd share my one (and only) time of OC'ing a handgun. This happened a couple of years ago. My wife and I were out and about in Jefferson parish one day, and she decided she wanted to shop for a few bargains at a thrift store on Lapalco...