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    Tumwater Walmart shooting

    I seen this story on khq channel 6 news last night. A good guy with a Gun stops the bad guy http://www.khq.com/story/38444277/gunman-wounds-2-fatally-shot-by-bystander-at-walmart-store
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    Idaho stand your ground bill 1313

    Ok everyone i see that Governor Otter let bill 1313 become law as of July 1 2018 without signing it. Just curious as what everyone thought about this bill.
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    carrying a firearm in a Hospital

    I was wanting to know if a person can carry a holstered firearm in a Hospital like deaconess in Spokane?. I know of a person who has been visiting their mom while carrying a concealed weapon. I thought it was a no no to do that.
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    Buying a firearm in Washington and you live in Idaho

    I have a question, My nephew told me this morning that if you live in Idaho that you can't go to say like Spokane and buy a firearm and bring it back to Idaho. Does anyone know the answer to my question?. also you can put this post into it's proper section on the forum...thank you in advance...
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    Merry Christmas

    I just want to say Merry Christmas to all the OCer's out there, I will be ocing all day today like any other day, even while making Christmas dinner. Keep safe and armed...have a great day.
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    disabled-veteran protecting his family and home in Colbert Wa

    I seen this Story last night on KHQ, I thought everyone might like it. Here is the link to the story. http://www.khq.com/story/27683422/disabled-veteran-subdues-home-invader If link doesn't work i'm so sorry. the story is on thier Website though. Everyone have a great Christmas, be safe and...
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    Racking a hi-point 9mm

    Hello Everyone, I'm thinking about getting a hi-point 9mm and i was born with cerebral palsy on my right side, so i have really no use in my right arm. would you guys know a safe way i can rack this firearm??. i currently carry my .22cal revolver that i have had since i...
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    Idaho proposes Constitutional Carry law

    I seen this a few days ago, As of President’s Day, the Idaho Senate had introduced Senate Bill 1126 and assigned it to the State Affairs Committee. Commonly known as Permitless Carry legislation, this bill would amend the existing concealed carry law to allow law-abiding Idahoans to carry a...
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    highpoint firearms

    I was wanting to know what everybody thought about the highpoint firearms ..."9mm". I was thinking about getting one seeing I live on SSI and I dont have alot of money.
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    Spokane interstate fair 2013

    I'am thinking about going to the fair this yr in Spokane, I was wanting to know if anyone could tell me if you can still OC there...Thanks
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    Merry Christmas

    Wanting to wish Everyone a very Merry Christmas and have a very happy OC Carrying New Year
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    Another good OC day

    Went to Walmart in Hayden Lake today and not even a stare except for a Female floor manager that saw me with my weapon on my left hip and she gave me a very dirty look, would have talked to her about open carry but she was with a customer. maybe next time i go to Walmart.
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    My first OC outing

    Well My wife and kids went to Hayden Lake Idaho to do some shopping and we went to the Hayden lake Walmart, I finally got enough courage to wear my firearm into walmart..OC style i had no problems at all when i was in Walmart. i was really nervous at first but as soon as i went into walmart and...
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    Spokane Interstate Fair

    I see that the Spokane interstate fair is Sept 7-16, I was just curious as if any one is going this yr and if you will be Ocing while you are there.
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    Seen a Ocer in hayden lake

    I was at the hayden lake walmart today in the early afternoon and i seen a gentleman ocing there, i tried to catch up to him and say hello but when i turned around he was gone. i think he was driving a black dodge ram. he is the first one i have seen ocing in idaho.
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    Carrying conceled on private property

    I live 6 miles out of Plummer on my Father-in-laws 240 acre farm and i was wanting to know if i could carry my Pistol concealed on his farm with out a cwp.? My father -in -law doesn't mind, just want to make sure what Idaho says about it, and i can't find anything. and thanks for all the good...
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    Walmart FireArm Policy

    I was wondering if anyone had a copy of the walmart policy on open carry? My wife and I shop at the walmart in Post Falls & in Spokane alot and i want to have a copy so that if i get stopped by a manger i can show them what the corporate office says about Open Carry. I already have a email from...
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    The Coeur d'Alene Reservation Firearm Policy

    I called the Coeur d'alene Trible Police to find out what the policy is on Ocing on the Coeur d' Alene Reservation In Benewah County.."Plummer Id". they recognize that Idaho is a open carry state, and they follow the state law on ocing. The Officer told me that it was OK to Oc on the reservation...
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    My New Year's resolution

    First off Happy New Year to all of the OCers out there hope you all have a great yr. Now on with my New Year's resolution: To start Ocing my .22 cal model 88 Revolver that I've had since i was 13, I'm now 44.:banana: seeing i live in the gold star State of Idaho:monkey. I just need to find out...
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    A story i seen on the news

    Last night i was watching the 10:00pm news and a guy was trying to holdup a lady in Spokane.."knife to throat." A guy in his Business across the street saw what was happening and ran out to help the woman, the bad guy seen the guy was carrying a gun so he dropped the knife and ran..as far as i...