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    OC M&G North Colorado

    There is a topic on another forum about an open carry Meet and Greet at I-25 and HWY 66 for Sunday, August 18. http://opencarrycolorado.com/forums/index.php/topic,1688.msg13186/topicseen.html#msg13186
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    Lenient Issue Counties Near SF?

    Hi, Visitor from the CO board. What is the latest on counties within a couple of hours of San Francisco who are lenient (more "shall issue" than "may issue")? I see different opinions, and they're all outdated.
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    Radio station anti-gun bait backfires

    A member of http://www.opencarrycolorado.com/forums/ found his picture on a Colorado Springs radio station's Facebook page. It appears the radio station was trying to incite people to scream about how dangerous he was around kids. About 95% of the 82,000 comments (and counting) have been in...
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    Suicide stats

    The gun rights' position that where LACs are restricted, crime increases is generally supported by statistics. There's also the statistical fact that half to two thirds of gun deaths are suicides which, according to gun advocates, would have been executed by other means if guns weren't...
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    Hit this Denver Post poll!

    Heard about this poll on http://www.opencarrycolorado.com/forums/ Scroll down on the right to make your voice heard on the magazine limit. http://www.denverpost.com/index.html?_requestid=2928553&_requestid=3091497
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    13 year old and gun control

    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=4353931599435 This 13yo will make you voluntarily surrender your guns because you apparently don't know what you're doing with them. She demonstrably knows more about gun control than 90% of the population.
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    Holster help: Taurus 2" .357

    I carry my .357 instead of my S&W 539 because I'm a better shot with it. I'm ready to upgrade from my cheapo snap closure nylon holster. My belly band is comfortable, but doesn't have retention. What kind of fancy retainer paddle holsters are available?
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    OT: Harrassment of naturalized citizens

    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/17/scott-gessler-secretary-o_n_1796910.html "Ever since he was first elected as Secretary of State in 2010, Gessler has been on a mission to maybe prove that there is possibly a problem with an unknown number of Coloradans who may or may not be legally...
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    Roll Call, possible M&G: Firestone, Longmont, Boulder, N. CO area

    Hi all, It's been too long since we had a meet and greet up here. Who is still around? Dynamite Rabbit? Carguy? I know we have a few new board members up this way as well. Leave a note so we can get an idea of who is interested.
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    X-POST: Americans increasingly in favor of gay marriage, gun rights

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    Americans increasingly in favor of gay marriage, gun rights

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    OT: "Traditional Native American" Hunting

    This is awesome. I'm watching the New Mexico episode of Bizarre Foods America. He went out to hunt prairie dogs with a group of Zia puebloan Indians. He ended up using an AR-15 borrowed from a local police officer. That shatters so many anti illusions on so many levels it's just hilarious.
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    Press Release Full of Seriously Bad News

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    Could it be any clearer?

    The constitution is plain as day! http://picrocker.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/bear-arms.jpg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsMaN7mdSWs&feature=related
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    Tactical advice from a SEAL on Aurora

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    Help, help, need help finding a thread!

    Hi guys, Someone posted a couple of links the other day of a Browning rifle and "military" style. Can someone point me to it?
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    CO Springs Bug Out Bags

    Hope all our CO Springs peeps are well!
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    Incredulous Encounter

    I just picked up my lunch at a diner near my office. I get take out from there all the time. It's also a convenient place for a casual lunch when I need to meet someone nearby. This place in particular is frequented by the Boulder PD, so it's a low incident location. However, an unexpected...
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    Longmont OC - Murdoch's and Home Depot

    Spent the morning out and about. As it was a warm one today, I had a fitted tshirt and jeans, so there was no missing me OCing. I took my family including our Aussie Cattle Dog to Murdoch's to see the baby chicks per our spring tradition. The aisle of tubs of two dozen breeds was packed with...
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    CO protection of Zimmerman?

    IMO, this guy in Florida kissed his "self-defense" and "stand your ground" protection good-bye when he pursued the teen. But that's colored from my fuzzy recollection of CO law (which may not be the same as FL). IIRC, if you start a confrontation and start getting your rear end handed to you...