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  1. Uber_Olafsun

    Alexandria school locked down

    http://www.myfoxdc.com/story/26546612/alexandria-schools-on-lockin-after-reports-of-person-with-weapon Seems someone was carrying a gun around a school and caused it to get locked down. One report is saying brandishing a long arm. Slung rifle maybe?
  2. Uber_Olafsun

    Got to see first hand how an possible active shooter crowd reacts (false alarm)

    OK so today the wife and I go to the mall because our 3 year old seems to grow a show size a month. When are at Tysons Corner Mall in VA and all of a sudden we heard a noise. It sounds like a herd of cattle coming through. We are in one of the anchor department stores and a couple hundred...
  3. Uber_Olafsun

    Permit renewal question

    Ok my permit expires in September of this year and trying to confirm what is required vs what Fairfax county says they need. I thought it was just one copy of the renewal paperwork a copy of my current permit and the payment part. Not the additional copies and self addressed envelope etc. can...
  4. Uber_Olafsun

    Spotsylvania hospital policy posted

    Ok so down here doing some at the hospital and they barely have a no weapons sign posted around from the information desk. Upon reading the sign it has a bit about everyone being subject to search and management reserves the right to seize anything. Is this even legal. I thought that they would...
  5. Uber_Olafsun

    So my apartment complex is trying the no guns in common area thing

    Ok so just got our apartment renewal paperwork and besides some fees they are trying to add there is a line about not having any firearms in common areas or in public spaces. Ok common areas is within their rights but isn't public supposed to be public? Going to have a little talk with their...
  6. Uber_Olafsun

    INOVA hospitals signs signs everywhere signs

    Ok so the wife and I just got into a minor car accident and her being 8 months pregnant she had some back pain so we are now at the hospital while the observe her. She is fine just precautionary. Well it seems like every door has more of the no firearm signs up which I knew they had before but...
  7. Uber_Olafsun

    Ok so handguns are being covered during NFL games?

    Watching the game and during halftime they make a statement about how handguns are the problem? Really the antis are resorting to pro sporting events now to push an agenda?
  8. Uber_Olafsun

    Fun time at bass pro in md

    Ok had a company meeting at arundal mills and while I was waiting I stopped by bass pro to check out the firearms. A couple there was looking at one and they asked what they had to do to buy one. After the clerk went through a long list of state police background checks waiting period etc they...
  9. Uber_Olafsun

    OC with little kids question

    Ok been OCing awhile but still feel new to the parent thing. I have a son who is just over a year old and wife is pregnant again (not planned at least by me). I was wondering what I some others have experienced as far as play groups outing etc with kids and carrying. The good thing is our best...
  10. Uber_Olafsun

    Michael Bloomberg should be committed to the funny farm

    Ok I was reading the news and came across a interesting story about him and what he is trying to do for breastfeeding up there. He is trying to make it a requirement to breast feed over formula which regardless of a persons feelings this man is not a M.D. and has no business giving medical...
  11. Uber_Olafsun

    Best non firearm defense weapon

    Ok before the flack of firearms are best read the rest. Just found out that my wife is pregnant again with due date in Feb. We both have guns and I OC. She would conceal. Well talking to the doc about concerns about the noise, shockwave etc of a discharge my wife once again has gone back to...
  12. Uber_Olafsun

    Boy shot from distance of miles

    http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/01/02/celebratory-gunshot-fired-miles-away-may-have-critically-injured-florida-boy/ Umm didn't mythbusters prove this type of thing fake???
  13. Uber_Olafsun

    Oh the irony at INOVA Alexandria

    Ok I am here doing some work at INOVA Alexandria and they have the displays up about violence against women and how they had protective orders against boyfriends or spouses that didn't matter at still were attacked and murdered. I call this ironic because this is one of the no firearms allowed...
  14. Uber_Olafsun

    The term Tea Party

    Am I the only one who is finding it hilarious that on any website that if someone disagrees with anything political by someone else the term Tea Party, Teabaggers, other insulting versions of it get used to discredit the person? I have seen it on the washington post, fox news, cnn, USA today...
  15. Uber_Olafsun

    Funny story and slighly OC

    Ok last weekend my wife's little sister had her birthday party. She is 10 and wanted to have it at a laser tag place. Well her dad had hurt his arm so my wife had signed me up to play so it is my (36) and another adult on the other team against a bunch of 10-14 year olds. Heck I figure I am a...
  16. Uber_Olafsun

    Farley and Dyersville

    Ok so i am I'm in Dyersville for the weekend since I have a class in WI and was reading the news. So now Farley has just passed the first reading of an ordinance to ban firearms on city property and next week Dyersville is attempting the same. Has there been any news on the state cracking down...
  17. Uber_Olafsun

    6 days 6 murders in PG county

    Well technically 6 murders 5 days since the one was committed yesterday. What a way to start the new year off. Seriously when can md residents protect themselves?
  18. Uber_Olafsun

    Reading the constitution and having to reference it

    Just saw this on the Washington post http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/12/29/AR2010122901402.html?hpid=topnews At the start of the next congress the are going to read the entire thing and any new bills will have to have a reference to specific section that allows them...
  19. Uber_Olafsun

    Metro searching bags

    So they are randomly searching bags again on the metro. My question is what authority do they have for searching people at random since technically police aren't suppose to do random searches? Also what do you think they would do if they saw an OCer in the VA stations?
  20. Uber_Olafsun

    Man arrested with firearms in vehicle in DC

    http://voices.washingtonpost.com/crime-scene/update-on-the-news/gun-charges-for-man-arrested-o.html Interesting since they were in a camper and he appears to be traveling.