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    Not quite constitutional carry

    Just an FYI, it appears that, due to a drafting error, it is still (potentially) not legal to carry a loaded firearm in a vehicle without a permit. https://www.nraila.org/articles/20170802/nra-advisory-notice-concerning-north-dakota-permitless-carry-law
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    Constitutional Carry

    It looks as North Dakota has a constitutional carry bill that just passed the house by an 83-9 vote. Anyone know what the chances are that this bill will pass the senate and be signed by the governor? http://www.legis.nd.gov/assembly/65-2017/bill-index/bi1169.html
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    OC - Not Good News

    Looks as if Steube doesn't want to go forward with open carry. http://sunshinestatenews.com/story/steube-abandons-open-carry-bill-favor-smaller-proposals
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    HB1265 - Unlicensed OC Repeal

    It looks as if one legislator wants to undo the progress made 3.5 years ago and make OC require a permit again. http://www.arkleg.state.ar.us/assembly/2017/2017R/Pages/BillInformation.aspx?measureno=HB1265
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    Senate Bill 12

    Good luck on passing Constitutional Carry this year. Does anyone have any idea as to whether the new governor, Chris Sununu, is for or against this? http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/bill_status/bill_status.aspx?lsr=140&sy=2017&sortoption=&txtsessionyear=2017&txtbillnumber=SB12&q=1
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    VA Creeper Trail Question

    Previously on this forum, I had asked if it is legal to carry a handgun on the Virginia Creeper Trail (yes, I have a handgun carry permit from a state Virginia recognizes). I noticed on this website that one of the rules for the Creeper Trail says "On the Abingdon to Damascus portion of the...
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    Unlicensed Open Carry Bill Defeated

    Looks as if the unlicensed open carry bill has been defeated for now. I find it hard to believe that a Republican supermajority can't pass even a simple pro-gun bill. It causes one to wonder whether they're truly pro 2nd amendment...
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    New Bills are in.

    There are a couple of great bills have been introduced in the Tennessee General Assembly. It's time to call and/or write your representatives and senators and encourage them to vote for, or even co-sponsor, these bills. SB 0780 / HB 0535 is a bill for constitutional carry...
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    Constitutional Carry in a car

    Well, the open carry bill didn't pass this year. But, on the bright side, the governor just signed the bill to allow people to carry guns (both handguns and long guns, loaded or unloaded) in their cars without a permit starting July 1. Even better, as is often talked about on here, this one is...
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    Unlicensed Open Carry Bill up for debate shortly!

    It's time to call or email our legislators and encourage them to pass this much-needed bill for Tennessee. http://wapp.capitol.tn.gov/apps/BillInfo/Default.aspx?BillNumber=HB2409&ga=108
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    Unlicensed Open Carry Bill filed!!!!

    Here it is: HB 2409; SB 2424. Representative Micah Van Huss is the House sponsor; Senator Mae Beavers is the Senate sponsor. http://wapp.capitol.tn.gov/apps/BillInfo/Default.aspx?BillNumber=HB2409&ga=108
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    Quick Question on VA Law

    Does Virginia have any laws (state or local) against carrying in state or local parks? I may be visiting the Virginia Creeper Trail this Saturday and wanted to know if any laws would prevent me from carrying on it.
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    magazine failure to feed issues

    Here is the ammunition I used in the "jamfest" magazine. Keep in mind that I've fired 85 rounds of it without any issues through the stock magazines.
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    Well, it looks like the 7th Circuit has issued a 30-day extension of its stay on its December ruling. It will be interesting to see what happens now. Personally, I have to wonder if Illinois is planning to gamble. More specifically, it would not surprise me if Gov. Quinn vetoes the law; and...
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    magazine failure to feed issues

    I've got some questions about a failure to feed issue on my firearm. I have a Glock 27 that, up until a few days ago, never had any malfunctions. A few days ago, I shot it with a Glock 22 magazine (15 rounds) that I had gotten the previous December. It malfunctioned three times. One of them...
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    Unlicensed Open and Car Carry Bill Draft

    I have made a draft of a bill that will allow for unlicensed open carry and unlicensed car carry of a handgun. Let me know what you think of it. By the way, I did not bother to rename the permit from "handgun carry permit" to "concealed handgun permit", since a permit would still be required...
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    Gun and gun price question

    I've got a family member that may be interested in getting a firearm. Among the potential options is the Ruger LCP .380 auto. Right now, there's a gun show in my area selling them for about $300. Is that a typical price for one? Also, what would be some suggestions for similar guns? If I...
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    Brian J. Stevens: friend or foe to 2nd amendment.

    To my knowledge, Brian J. Stevens is running for state senate in the 7th District. I found an interesting article in which he makes several comments. He does appear to want to lower the permit fee; however, when someone else on there brings up Constitutional Carry, he seems to get a little bit...
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    Georgia carry questions

    A relative of mine and a friend of hers will be making a trip to Georgia in a few days. She had a few questions about carrying in Georgia; and I thought I would relay them here. First, a couple of pieces of information. 1. This relative has a permit recognized by Georgia (Tennessee, to be...
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    VERY Pro 2nd amendment candidate!

    For those in East Tennessee (particularly the Gray/Johnson City area), this Tuesday will be the primary between Dale Ford and Micah van Huss. I'd like to encourage those on this forum to consider voting for Micah van Huss. I spoke with him this week and found out that he is a very pro-2nd...