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  1. ~*'Phoenix'*~

    Visiting for a day

    I (and maybe a friend or two) are planning on taking a day trip up to visit Georgia, just to enjoy the freedom of being able open carry and spend our tourist money in a state that respects our rights more. We'll all have FL CWFL's and research GA specific laws (looks almost the same as Florida...
  2. ~*'Phoenix'*~

    Letter from Latvala?

    Are they all trying to go out of their way to confuse us? If I only read the first half of the letter, it'd sound like we got OC and everything's happy-dandy. Bold: What the ****, really? It does?!? Underline: Oh, crap, of course not... But they still want us to think that?
  3. ~*'Phoenix'*~

    Thoughts on Ruger mini-30?

    Who's had one, what do you think of it, what's a good price for one, any problems? Thanks for info, just looking around and liked them more than any other common assault rifle.
  4. ~*'Phoenix'*~

    Hi from your southern neighbor!

    I've been around in the Florida forum since I heard about our now-failed sb234 this year, and now that that hope is dead, I've been thinking of taking a road trip to your free state, and perhaps NC if I get that far. I've got a FL CWFL, which GA honors, so I'd like to hear some OC experiences...
  5. ~*'Phoenix'*~

    Road trip...

    Alright, so, screwed out of OC here in good ol' Floriduh (except for fishing of course, which I'll be doing more than usual this summer...) I'm thinkin' of taking a road trip this Summer to somewhere nice in a neighboring free state, to be able to open carry, in addition to the usual...
  6. ~*'Phoenix'*~

    Just an idea:

    Just an idea: I know dang well we all want real OC by next year and we're gonna fight tooth-and-nail to get it, but if there's no way for it to happen with our current Senate, do you think we could get them to expand the current list of exemptions, "fishing, camping, or legal hunting," a step in...
  7. ~*'Phoenix'*~

    Let's Open Carry... Bows, Crossbows, Knives, Swords anyone?

    *deleted, brboyer tracked me down and opposes what I said. While I admit I may not have thought out my statements very well, they were meant as lighthearted jest. I'm sorry if that wasn't acceptable*
  8. ~*'Phoenix'*~

    House email list; tell them not to amend to match Bogdanoff's amendment

    joseph.abruzzo@myfloridahouse.gov; janet.adkins@myfloridahouse.gov; larry.ahern@myfloridahouse.gov; ben.albritton@myfloridahouse.gov; frank.artiles@myfloridahouse.gov; gary.aubuchon@myfloridahouse.gov; dennis.baxley@myfloridahouse.gov; leonard.bembry@myfloridahouse.gov...
  9. ~*'Phoenix'*~

    best site for starting petitions?

    I'm starting next years Open Carry petition. **** this. What's the best webpage for making petition?
  10. ~*'Phoenix'*~

    SB234 is ruined. Can we get the House to refuse to amend?

    The house loves 517 as is. We need to slam their inboxes and phones with unyielding, ferocious support that they must refuse to amend 517 to match, and force 234 to be unamended. It is the one, only, hope we have of OC, and it is dismal. But even the senates neocons will likely not be willing as...
  11. ~*'Phoenix'*~

    Any chance of pacifying the FSA?

    DON'T FLAME ME, I'M NOT SUGGESTING OR ADVOCATING THIS -- Just curious what you think the odds would be of the FSA stopping their opposition (and possibly gaining 1 or 2 votes from former sheriff senators) if the bills were amended to allow them to check CWL on demand while OCing? And if so, Who...
  12. ~*'Phoenix'*~

    GFSZA repeal?

    Does anyone have links or info on any efforts going to repeal or amend the stupid/evil Gun Free School Zone Act? If it can't be repealed, simply amending it to remove the 1000ft defense-free-ring would pretty much fix this for everyone (since most states already ban guns in schools for...
  13. ~*'Phoenix'*~

    Off topic gun help question

    Sorry this has nothing really to do with OC or law issues, but there's nowhere else specific on the board with so many people active to ask. I have a question about beretta m1934's. I know the 1934 is .380, and there's also a mostly-idectical 1935 version in .32 acp. I want to know if a .32acp...
  14. ~*'Phoenix'*~

    Poll: When SB234 Becomes A Law How Will You Carry

    +1 same for me. That's why I want this so bad. I hate wearing stupid little cloth IWB holsters and crossdraws, which are the only way I can conceal what I carry. I want to wear this: Looks, feels, and draws a lot better. Long term carry comfort, ready availability, and holds my gun more...
  15. ~*'Phoenix'*~

    Beretta m1934?

    I hope it's ok to post this here, if not let me know to move/remove it; thanks. I'm looking around for a Beretta m1934 (.380ACP) and would prefer to buy/trade with a personal sale rather than buy online, and they ain't easy to find in the gun and pawn shops around here. If anyone has one one...
  16. ~*'Phoenix'*~

    let's go with HB517

    HB517 is identical to the original SB234, and had it's first hearing yesterday. Don't forget that this is as important or moreso than than our first hope with 234. Let's still hope SB234 gets fixed or finished off, but I think we need to put our efforts to contacting the committee members for...
  17. ~*'Phoenix'*~

    CWL, 'common ground,' and rifles? confusion

    Alright, so, as always, the laws are written in confusing and convoluted ways to make everything as complex and 'scary' for law-abiding citizens as is possible... My question is this - I live in an apartment complex - thus 'common ground' law throughout halls and parking lots - so... without a...
  18. ~*'Phoenix'*~

    Hb 517?

    Has anyone been keeping up on Florida HB 517? It's almost a carbon copy of Evers 234, and is also running through committee currently. I'm just curious if anyone is keeping a close eye on this one as well? Looking at the House website I can't find anything beyond "Currently in Criminal Justice...
  19. ~*'Phoenix'*~

    52 viewing

    Wow, never seen so many active at a forum; I guess we all know what we're here for :D ...
  20. ~*'Phoenix'*~

    HB45 passed Committee 10-4 on Monday

    :banana: http://myfloridahouse.gov/Sections/Bills/billsdetail.aspx?BillId=44848 Not as big of a deal, as I see it, as sb234, but it's definitely encouraging to see other firearm reform support in legislation; and should prevent some stupid local-law catch-22's