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    Open Carry Making One a "Target" for Getting Mugged

    Hi, I used to be a regular poster but kind of dropped out. I live in Northern Virginia and carry most every place I go and open carry often. My wife, although quite a Pro-Second Amendment person, does not think Open Carry is a good idea because she thinks it will make one a "target" for...
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    Why Open Carry?

    How Could You NOT Open Carry With These Grips?
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    1911 Carry Condition

    Here is a question: I bought a Kimber Pro-Carry II, which I really like: light weight, accurate and dependable. I realize that Condition I ("locked and cocked" with a round in the chamber, thumb safety engaged) is the preferred method of carry. Being a Marine Officer, retired, I was...
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    A Word of Advice for Air Travelers...from Personal Experience

    The other day I had to fly to Orlando for one night and didn't want to check any luggage on the airline. Not being a frequent flyer, I grabbed a bag from the basement store room that would be just the right size for one change of clothes and small enough to qualify for carry on...
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    Pink Pistols - For Ladies

    I am being treated for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, and the other day the Oncology Nurse noticed my Gun Owners of America cap. She said she wanted to buy a pistol for herself and her husband had suggested pistols that were pink...i.e. specifically designed for ladies. Does anyone know who makes...
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    Littlestown, PA - Back in the USA!

    A resident of Virginia and a regular Open Carrier, I had some business to take care of in Westminster, MD yesterday. My 11 year old Granddaughter was in tow. Naturally, my "piece" was hidden all the time I was in Maryland. After taking care of my business, we decided to go home via Rt...
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    Thank God for Virginia

    imported post A few weeks back, my Marine Corps Basic School Class from 1971 had a reunion at Quantico. None us changed a bit nor gained any weight.:lol: Anyway, a friend of mine from Hawaii stayed a weekpast the reunionand he and I toured some of the Civil War battlefields. I Open Carried...
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    Holster Recommendation

    imported post There is probably a thread on this somewhere, but I just bought a Tauras PT 1911 (blued). Does anyone have a recommendation for a good holster? I will probably carry locked and cocked. Thanks.
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    Shooter's Paradise in Marumsco Plaza

    imported post Does anyone know what the status is of the new/rebuilt range in Marumsco Plaza? Just wondering?!
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    Two Questions?

    imported post First: What isthe "unicorn" metaphor refer to? Second: Has anybody open carried on the Metro between Virginia stops?
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    Seal Sniper Team's Weapon of Choice?

    imported post Does anyone know what weapon and caliber the seals used to take out the pirates? I am just curious. If anyone finds out for sure, please post it. I heard that there has been some experimentation with the use of the .338 Lapau (not sure if I got the spelling right).
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    Guns in IHOP

    imported post After Church today, my wife and I went to IHOP on Hoadly Rd and Prince William Parkway. Being Catholic, I was NOT dressed to the "nines" and I had on unfrayed jeans, a decent shirt, docker shoes and a Harley Davidson hat. My wife and I are in our early 60's. We were seated in a...
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    Let's Write Letters to the Editor about Presidential Candidates

    imported post I recently discovered your web site and I would like to use it to make a suggestion. With McCain slipping in the polls, there is one issue that has universal appeal and that is Gun Rights. Most people support the Second Amendment. If readers of this web site would write letters to...