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  1. cleveland

    Tragedy hits one of our own!

    I could not imagine life without Mrs Cleveland: http://www.opencarry.org/?p=462 Any help you can provide will be deeply appreciated!
  2. cleveland

    Did you recently buy a Cleveland's Holster at Shortys in West Allis?

    A customer recently purchased a Cleveland's Holster at Shorty's Shooting Sports in West Allis. This customer dropped off his old Cleveland's Holster when he picked up the new one. This particular holster was one of the first I made (first 10 maybe?) and I would like to contact this customer...
  3. cleveland

    Cleveland's Holster's adds Kydex clips!

    We will be adding Kydex clips! They will become available by the end of the month and will accommodate belts that are 1.25", 1.5" and 1.75". The first 20 pairs that are preordered will sell for $5!
  4. cleveland

    Open Carry's newest sponsor... Cleveland's Holsters, LLC!!!

    Open Carry's newest sponsor... Cleveland's Holsters, LLC!!! We have decided to start advertising and what better place to kick off our banner then opencarry.org?! Free shipping for the month of August to opencarry.org members! The free shipping promo is not valid with other offers, promo...
  5. cleveland

    Join us for a fun afternoon in the North Woods!

    This will be an opportunity to socialize, shoot, eat BBQ and have a good time. There will be a holster raffled off at the range AND one at Bad Bones BBQ! Hope to see you there!
  6. cleveland

    Christmas and buying local

    *Disclaimer* This is a long post but I think it really hits the value of most of the members of this group. Christmas 2011 -- Birth of a New Tradition As the Chinese factories are kicking into high gear to provide Americans with monstrous piles of cheaply produced goods -- merchandise...
  7. cleveland

    Insurance for the gravest extreme

    Any information that we can share here with each other may just keep one of us out of bankruptcy court. I would like to get insurance to cover me in the unlikely event that I have to use lethal force. I am not in a financial position to drop a couple grand to cover a retainer fee for a lawyer...
  8. cleveland

    Tom Sipin's traning course in West Allis, WI

    Tom Sipin's training course in West Allis, WI *edit* Title should read "Tom Sipin's training course in West Allis, WI" The following is a report about the concealed carry and firearms training course I took at Tom Sipin’s Four Winds Martial Arts Dojo. It's long, but worth the read. I have...
  9. cleveland

    Please help me understand reciprocity

    On November 1st when the bill goes into effect, can a WI resident with a permit from another state legally carry concealed?
  10. cleveland

    Top 5-10 carry guns?

    I am going to start stocking holsters and would like feedback on the 5-10 most common. What do you carry and what do you think the most common is?
  11. cleveland

    Cleveland's Holsters needs a logo!

    Want a FREE HOLSTER? I am looking for a trade mark! If you are an artist, computer geek, or just better at these things then me please contact me. I want a mark that is simple, incorporates my company name, and perhaps a silhouette of a sidearm. I am pretty open to ideas, so please contact...
  12. cleveland

    Concealed carry on your own property, under current law?

    Is there an exclusion to the prohibition against concealed carry under the current law that allows for a person concealed carry on their own property, place of business, etc...?
  13. cleveland

    FREE Cleveland's Ugly holser *Non-raffle*

    WINNER CHOSEN! * FREE Cleveland's Ugly holster *Non-raffle* *Update, check out page 4 on this thread! ************************************************************************ I am rather stoked about SB93 passing, even with all of it's warts! As a way of saying thank you to the forum for...
  14. cleveland

    Any update on AB69?

    I have looked around and found info on amendments, but nothing on upcoming dates. Does anyone know when this will be brought up? I am guessing this has been put on the back burner to deal with the budget and SB93, but will we be looking at fall before this goes anywhere? Thanks!
  15. cleveland

    Made my own IWB Kydex/leather holster!

    I would love to take credit for this idea, but I got it from a fella on another forum. I do not have the means to invest $100+ on a single holster. So after reading his thread on the holster he made, I decided to make my own. My first attempt was very crude. I have since upgraded from...
  16. cleveland

    With concealed carry right around the corner, check out my holster

    I got the idea from a guy on the usacarry forum and thought that some of you may be interested in seeing this. I made my first holster today. I used plastic instead of Kydex because my local source charges way to much, and I didn't want to wait a week for the Kydex to be shipped. I will...
  17. cleveland

    Oh the irony!

    So I decided to click onto the "anti-gun, we hate walker" ad on this forum and it leads me to this page: http://action.waveedfund.org/o/5610/c/238/p/salsa/web/common/public/signup?signup_page_KEY=3344&signup_page_KEY=3343 I think, hmmm I wonder what their issues are. So I click the "issues"...
  18. cleveland

    Carry literature needed

    I am looking for carry literature to pass on to a few friends and co-workers. Being the resident "gun nut" both at work and in my circle of friends, I get a lot of questions. Most are things like, "How do I get a permit to carry" or "is it true I am allowed to carry a gun?" Some are questions...
  19. cleveland

    If Constitutional Carry passes, how do you carry out of state?

    If Constitutional Carry passes, how do you carry out of state? I am especially interested in knowing how it will work in a state like Michigan since they do not honor non-resident permits.
  20. cleveland

    Not another recorder question?! It's worth reading.

    I figure the recorder would be considered an accessory. So I hope this is the proper place for this question. Do any of you carry recorders that you can lock out other users while it's recording? Maybe one that records the feed to a remote location like your voice mail or home PC? I was...