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  1. Have Gun - Will Carry

    My first negative OC experience

    Several hours ago I was asked to leave the Super Wal-Mart in Burlington, a place I've carried before without an issue. Wasn't in the store but 5 or 6 minutes when I started hearing radio chatter from nearby employees describing me: "it's in a holster" and a couple minutes later, "he's wearing...
  2. Have Gun - Will Carry

    The time for action is NOW!

    Hey Paul, since no one has answered this I'll jump in. According to the Blue Book, "Members of each new legislature convene in the State Capitol at 2 p.m. on the first Monday in January of each odd-numbered year to take the oath of office, select officers, and organize for business. The...
  3. Have Gun - Will Carry

    Yet another new member

    I haven't been into sporty bikes for several years, but believe it or not my RG will do wheelies with my wife on board - if I grab a handful of throttle without her, the back tire usually breaks loose & I just get sideways! :shocker: Must have something to do with the bored & stroked & cammed...
  4. Have Gun - Will Carry

    Yet another new member

    Thanks to everyone for making me feel welcome! I just knew this was a friendly bunch. And now, for my rides: 2000 Road Glide without the quick-detach trunk on, and '86 Softail Custom (I've got better pics around here somewhere...) with the ol' lady's bike behind it. To violate Rule #8...
  5. Have Gun - Will Carry

    Yet another new member

    As I posted in another thread earlier, I'm new to the forum and just started OC'ing, but I'm already somewhat familiar with the statutes and requirements for legal carry in WI, so I do have a head start. I've been lurking around this forum for about a month getting a feel for it, and now it's...