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  1. vermonter

    College Students Sign Petition To Confiscate All Guns and Imprison Gun Owners!

    These students eagerly sign a "spoof" petition to ban all guns, door to door confication, put gun owners in FEMA camps and even execute them! Too crazy to believe until you see the video. The problem is all the brain dead followers that vote for a few extreme fringe politicians and follow like...
  2. vermonter

    Why do you need "Flash" ad's on the Forum?

    Ad's like the annoying "3 Speed Holster" eat up to much bandwith and take to long to load for thouse plagued by a slow internet connection. Why not just put up a plain HTML ad? Cutsie mvoing banners are not going to make someone buy a product especially if they irritate PPL! Has this gone from...
  3. vermonter

    Force of Law - No Gun Signs & Must Inform Law Enforcement - MAPS

    I have repeatedly asked Open Carry admin to post these maps and was told "Why Don't You Make Them". Well, I did! I am sure they will not post them for others to see with their chosen maps like "machine gun ownership" (what that has to do with a carry forum I don't know). These maps are much more...
  4. vermonter

    Driving Through University of Iowa Campus

    I need an answer from someone who is sure of the answer. My friend who live in Iowa was wondering if it is legal to drive on the roads the traverse the campus with a CCW. The law says no guns on campus. Are the roads public and part of campus? Many main roads go through the UofI campus
  5. vermonter

    Cop Baiting in St Joeseph County

    My cousin is a reserve in the St Joseph County Sheriff's Department. He is pro 2A like most of his co-workers. He called me in Vermont last night (Sat July 21) to tell me about an incident that occurred earlier in the evening in the county area. An OC'er was doing his thing and apparently...
  6. vermonter

    If You Want A Map Go To The Liberal Sites - NOT OCDO!

    Members of OCDO have repeatedly asked for the addition of maps of importance to carriers and ignored. Now maps of "Stand Your Ground" laws are all over the Internet, but not here so gun owners can make educated choices. This site is about carrying - and what do we have - a machine gun ownership...
  7. vermonter

    What REALLY Makes a State Good For Self-Defense & Carry

    When I determine what makes a state good for gun owners I consider the follow to be the MOST important points. I don't care about machine gun ownership - It is more important that I am able to defend myself legally wherever I have a right to be. 1) Stand Your Ground Law: Right to defense...
  8. vermonter

    New Mexico Should Rally and Write Their Reps!

    I keep reading about off limit CC or OC in this or that place that sells alcohol. Why not get a bill going that only applies to sitting at a bar or saloon, or bar/saloon area like applebees. Also prohibit carrying while intoxocated or drinking alcohol. That way you can go into Applebees and have...
  9. vermonter

    Stand Your Ground Maps

    Since admin refuses to put up relevant maps and prefers to display "machine gun ownership" which is totally useless to OC or CC, I have decided to post some of my own. I need to know what states I can actually defend myself, and where I need leave my gun in my trunk by law when I go shopping...
  10. vermonter

    More Map Suggestions

    I suggested that the owners make maps for "Stand your Ground" States, but it fell on deaf ears. It seems that having a machine gun mape is more important on an OC forum. Here at the bottom of this WV Carry site are 2 maps for "Public Info" and "Permit Exemption frm NICS"...
  11. vermonter

    Still No Important Heat Maps On OCDO

    After repeated requests to the admin of this board we still have no Maps for "Stand Your Ground" states, and States where No-Gun signs have weight of law. I would like to see a heat map of those rather than one that shows where you can own a machine gun, WTF? Handgunlaw has all the "Weight of...
  12. vermonter

    What do you make of the opinion of the prominent attorney that DEFENDS gun owners?

    I would agree with him only of a "force of law" was passed on "no guns" signs. In Florida felonies are agressively prosecuted. I know this is old news, but OC will come up again. There are very few signs now left over from the 1987 "shall issue" sheeple scare. I would hate to see them pop up...
  13. vermonter

    Found An Interesting Post About OC

    This seems to be a growing problem.... Signs going up b/c of open carry. Not a problem in states where signs have "no force of law". Even in states where they do I just ignore them and CCW anyway! There is no doubt there is backlash. My suggestion is if you see a sign just pull a shirt over Mr...
  14. vermonter

    ALERT!!! BOYCOTT WALGREENS - and write them to tell them you are done as a customer!

    consumerrelations.bb@walgreens.com COPIED ARTICLE - MODERATOR PLS remove Ad -tried but unable- Hero Gets Fired for Using a Gun to Stop Robberyby John R. Lott, Jr. The police described it as an armed robbery and a hostage situation. Before dawn on Sunday, May, 8th, two robbers stormed into a...
  15. vermonter

    Found this online - Opinions?

    I found this article online. It states that effective immediately upon publication there is an immunity from a disorderly conduct charge and a licensee may not be charged etc, etc (read below). It also says WI will accept any license if there is training and a background check. Can I assume that...
  16. vermonter

    Conflicting Information - Real Deal About LA School "Zones"

    I have seen threads where Jindal eliminated the STATE school zone thing for permit holders. On the Concealed Handgun Unit website it says they are off limits. What is the deal with this. If you get a resident LA permit and you are out walking near (within 1000 FT) are you legal or not)? I am not...
  17. vermonter

    Misinformation Abounds

    I keep seeing "join the other 48 states" when it comes to CCW issue. Let's get the facts straight people.... New Jersey, Maryland and Hawaii may have a process to obtain a permit, but the are strictly NO ISSUE. Massachusetts, New York and California ARE may issue and do in fact issue a lot in...
  18. vermonter

    Updates on Laws that REALLY Matter!

    All I can see this forum focusing on is showing your handgun off. Now before you start the flames hear me out. I am for the right to OC, but this seems to be the only focus. In CA all anyone cares about is strutting around with a pistol and NO magazine- WTF? Why not focus all your energy in CA...
  19. vermonter

    Why don't you barking dogs get on the stick!

    Now is the time to push a bill with your congressman/woman asking for a national reciprocity bill. Several have allready voiced their intentions to carry in their home states due to the recent tragic event in AZ. Just like any citizen they cannot carry in DC, NJ, MA, NY, IL, CA Etc Etc, but cops...
  20. vermonter

    Some people on here don't want the poor to own guns

    You "freedom Loving" people should read this. Gun ownership for self defense isn't just for the "Rich Republicans". In states like NY it's for the rich and connected. In Florida you ALSO have to buy your right to self defense for $117! If you are poor it might as well $1,117! Read this and...