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  1. Sig229

    Employer "No Guns" Sign...

    Just wondering if anyone has knowledge if its illegal to have a Concealed Handgun License and carry at work, even though they have a no firearms sign posted in West Virginia? I realize a person would probably be fired, but would there be any legal action taken?
  2. Sig229

    New Gun for Christmas! (Pic's)

    Got a Ruger LCP .380 I will try and shoot it tomorrow for the first time if we dont end up getting that bad ice storm. But just from handling it, it fits very nicely in the hand for being a super sub-compact pocket pistol. I was also looking at the Kel-Tec in .380, but this Ruger LCP just felt...
  3. Sig229

    Applied For My LTCF Today.....

    Went to the Fayette county Sheriffs office today and applied. They were on the phone with PICS for quite a while and then the lady took my picture for the license. I was thinking, cool, I'll be walking out of the court house with a freshly laminated license today. But no luck. She said I was...
  4. Sig229

    My New AK (Pic's)

    Just bought a new AK. Its a Polish AKMS in 7.62x39mm with the underfolder stock. Yes, it was built by Century, but believe it or not its better made than my Romanian ROMAK and its even more accurate. The receiver is made by NODAK Spud and seems well made. My only complaint is the barrel isnt...
  5. Sig229

    Gun Show in Fairmont this weekend!

    October 6th & 7th When: Sat. 9am-5pm & Sun. 9am-4pm Where: National Guard Armory, 1516 Mary Lou Retton Drive, Fairmont, WV 26554. Admission: $6.00 for Adults. Children 12 and under free!
  6. Sig229

    Non-Res VA Concealed Carry License....

    Just wondering how long the usual process takes to get a CHL in VA. Im thinking about adding VA non res to my collection.
  7. Sig229

    Cop Smacks Camera With Night-Stick

    Just saw this on youtube and wanted to get your thoughts since many of us carry recording devices while OC'ing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDWT4EYTdQM
  8. Sig229

    Anyone in SW PA or WV want to shoot rifles?

    I just got a "Range Permit" to use the state game lands ranges. Went to one in Fayette County and it was actually pretty nice. Had a 50 and 100 yard range with nice benches to shoot from. The first time I was there there were a couple of other folks shooting, but they were all safe (Ive heard...
  9. Sig229

    Here I come WV - Woo Hoo!

    Well, good news guys (and gals?). Last week I was hired at Mylan Pharmaceuticals in Morgantown and it looks like I will be spending a lot more time in WV. I'll probably move to Morgantown later next month. Dont get me wrong, I have enjoyed living in Pittsburgh but considering its the pothole...
  10. Sig229

    WV County Sheriff Supports Brady Campaign? (pic)

    I may be moving to Morgantown WV this fall and I am familiar with WV gun laws and I can honestly say its really a great state for gun rights and gun owners. I often visit WV and OC there all the time. Never once had a problem. So tonight I go on the Monongalia country Sheriff's website to get...
  11. Sig229

    Preemption Amendment Accepted in House Committee

    Got this in my email today from the NRA: Today, the state House Judiciary Committee passed a firearms preemption amendment to Senate Bill 273 by a 22 to 3 vote. SB 273 was then unanimously voted out of committee, and will now go to the House floor for consideration where it could be voted on...
  12. Sig229

    Recording Police in WV?

    I did a qiuck search on the web but didnt come up with much. Does anyone have a link to the laws regarding audio and video taping police in WV? Thanks.
  13. Sig229

    LEO's Ran my "Sportsman Firearm Permit" Today

    I was fishing off of the Youghiogheny River and a game commission officer walked down the bank and said hello. He didn't notice my Sig openly carried until halfway through the small talk. He only asked "what type of pistol is that?" I told him and also handed over my current fishing license...
  14. Sig229

    Almost Shot a Copper Head Snake Today.

    It was a warm day and I figured I would go down to the river and go fishing. Turned out a lot of other people planned the same thing and a lot of the fishing spots were taken. I figured I would walk along the bank up a mile or two and get away from all of them. While walking along the rocky...
  15. Sig229

    .32 ACP ammo in a .32 Revovler?

    I bought a very nice .32 revolver for my grandmother a year ago and it works well for her. Almost no recoil (even w/ magnum loads), and decent size for her hands. Anyhow, I found a few boxes of .32acp FMJ and out of curiosity I wanted to see if I could load the ACP rounds in the .32 long...
  16. Sig229

    LTCF Application Question...

    I see where it asks for two personal references and neither can be "related". Do they mean by blood or by marriage? Im asking because my blood cousin's husband (non blood related) said he would give me a reference.
  17. Sig229

    Need Fingerprints Done in Western PA !!

    Im about at my wits end with the PA State Police. I went to two different state police barracks to get my non-res AZ fingerprint cards done and both of the barracks had officers that were extremely rude and hassled me when they saw that it was for an out of state carry permit. I first went to...
  18. Sig229

    Pittsburgh Mass Shooting and Open Carry?

    Recently there was a mass shooting by a 20 year old with two handguns in Pittsburgh. Do any of you folks think that situation will make harassment by Pittsburgh Police more likely for us OC'ers? I personally have no doubt more people will call in if they see a MWAG.
  19. Sig229

    Getting Ticked with Pistol Course....

    Im getting my AZ non-res permit and to do so, one of the requirements is to take a NRA pistol or other basic firearm course. At this time, I wont say which range/shop I took the class. Anyhow, a few weeks ago, I take a class at a northern WV range. I tell him my plans, that I need a basic NRA...
  20. Sig229

    Your Thoughts on Para Ordnance 1911's?

    I went to the gun shop to browse today and saw a Para Ordnance P12 for sale. I really like the feel of it and REALLY like the 12+1 round capacity of .45ACP. I like 1911'a overall, but really dislike the 7 or 8 round magazines. Its my opinion that in this day and age when you may encounter...