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    Time to retry constitutional carry bill?

    Been so for 3 years Concealed Carry in Iowa. In 2021, Iowa eliminated its permit requirement for carrying a firearm within city limits. Beginning July 1, 2021 anyone who is old enough to possess a handgun and is otherwise eligible for a permit can carry a concealed firearm in the state...
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    Does anyone ever read this forum?

    And how many permit less carry states to we have now.
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    Does anyone ever read this forum?

    trouble is when when you win there is less to chat about.
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    Sad to see no activity anymore.

    We have made a lot of progress. More to come.
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    Does Having a Gun Make a Person Suspicious? Courts Aren’t Sure Now. NYT H/T John Wesley Hall

    The so called war on drugs has done far more damage. As an excuse to tramples peoples rights.
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    Good bye enjoy the time you have left. Get your affairs in order so your love ones have fewer worries.
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    Make Finland the Land of Shooting Badassery Again

    I have always said I would like to see gun ranges then golf courses.
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    Lending a firearm?

    MD is a problem other states not so much.
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    Open Carrying on Postal Property

    The case still has a ways to go. No reason to believe that the government well not pull out all stops to drag appeals out as long as possible.
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    there at it again

    Did you think they would stop
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    Open Carry experience thread.

    When I am in Yuma for the winter. I see some OCer's. I have had both positive and negative encounters.
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    Halloween carrying??

    That used to be the case.
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    Halloween carrying??

    I carry everyday Halloween will not or was not different
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    Dianne Feinstein dead at 90

    God well deal with her accordingly
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    Political prisoner finally given pre-trial release in Montana "school zone" case

    Seems like Gabriel's only offense was to become a thorn in the foot of the local establishment
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    Constitutional Carry Bill

    Did you misspeak there is no open carry in this bill how can he remove it.
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    Sad to see no activity anymore.

    One way to change that Post more
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    Pending gun bans

    Because the other more notorious anti gun states are sucking up all the media.