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  1. Haz.

    Get off my lawn . . . . !

    I know, not good, but I wouldn't be surprised if they drove this old bloke insane with their; You shall not clear your legally owned private property, harassment. And they issue huge fines! . Plus; A few more armed robberies with gun and axe, a few savage home invasions and car nappings over...
  2. Haz.

    Australian pro-gun libertarian who believes government should butt out of our lives!

    Interesting read! ***************** David Leyonhjelm: Trouble shooter < http://www.theherald.com.au/story/2382121/david-leyonhjelm-trouble-shooter/?cs=7> By Deoborah Snow June 28, 2014, 3 a.m. .
  3. Haz.

    Tree Huggers and dole bludgers get all the media attention Down Under.

    Check this out. yes, its true, we have dipsticks in parliament and not only do we have dipsticks in parliament, they are S*#T Stirring dipsticks. He says in his invitation, . He purposely left out, "And how to seriously damage or destroy expensive earth moving machinery, mining conveyor...
  4. Haz.

    Australias Shooters Union now recognised as an affiliate of N.R.A of USA

    Some great news for Australian shooters. Shooters Union has just received official recognition as an international affiliate of the United States NRA (National Rifle Association). This affiliation fits well with the Union’s main role to defend the rights of law abiding firearm owners within...
  5. Haz.

    Australias ferel pigs, cats, dogs, foxes and now children!

    Don't worry about ferel pigs, dogs, foxes or cats, its ferel kids now. Check this out mate. Never happened in my younger day. We were out hunting and fishing at this age, and got a swift kick up the tail pipe when disobedient or dissrespectfull to parents and authority. Now days they just run...
  6. Haz.

    News Release! Australian government guide to survive a mass shooting.

    There have been more gang related shooting in Australia since the gun ban since federation? Criminals have been enabled and they know it. Despite Sydney's alarming gun crime statistics reaching 70 shootings for the year , with 12 in July alone, the acting boss of the police taskforce...
  7. Haz.

    Federal Police department, how may I assist you?

    - Federal Police department, how may I assist you? - Uh.. yes.. I just got hit in the face with a cream pie. - Okay, sir. Have you called the Federal police department before? - No - Well, let me get a little information about you for our records. Your name? - Wayn Swan, I'm the Australian...
  8. Haz.

    BRUCE Willis is AGAINST any form of Gun Control.

    Not all film stars are anti firearm nutters. Haz. __________________________________ BRUCE Willis says he's against new gun control laws in US that could infringe on a citizen's right to carry firearms. The Die Hard star also dismisses any link between Hollywood shootouts and real-life gun...
  9. Haz.

    SYLVESTER Stallone in favour of new national gun control legislation.

    He says, We should be focusing on mental health." He says, "I think the biggest problem, seriously, is not so much guns." He says, "that's where we've dropped the ball: mental health," Yet he's in favour of new national gun control legislation! Would I be out of line in suggesting we take up a...
  10. Haz.

    Our news media is flogging this downunder.

    Gun control faces uphill battle: Feinstein From: AAP January 28, 2013 7:39AM days before the US Senate begins debating new gun control measures, the Democratic senator who is leading the push to restore an assault weapons ban has acknowledged the effort faces tough odds to pass Congress...
  11. Haz.

    Register your firearms? Result! Police seize firearms 'targets' list

    Here's what can and does happen when firearms are registered. Network Syndicated VIC News AU; <http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/national/police-seize-targets-list-after-firearm-raids/story-fndo1svg-1226547858093> Police seize firearms 'targets' list by: Courtney Crane From: Herald Sun...
  12. Haz.

    Happy New Year to all.

    God bless everyone on this forum who believe in Him and His promised future blessings, I truly wish everyone, regardless of their beliefs, a very happy and prosperous new year! God Bless America, and Australia, their best mates. Cheers, Haz.
  13. Haz.

    The Australian national holiday road toll stands at dead, many more injured.

    Sorry accidental double post.
  14. Haz.

    Be it ever so slowly, we are moving forward downunder.

    Here is the story. Robert Borsak is one of two sitting members of state parliment in the NSW state government. Bob Katter is a member in Queensland. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/features/calling-the-shots/story-e6frg8h6-1226520433946 Re: Borsak Article - Weekend Australian Magazine «...
  15. Haz.

    Armed self defence illegal, while criminalscontinue to roam free down under.???

    What ever you do in the United States, dont ever let this happen. Australians were deprived of their right to arm and defend themselves by the Howard government. Since then, the laws have changed drasticly in favour of criminals. Not only do they feel empowered knowing the majority of 'sheeple'...
  16. Haz.

    Hit this Poll, Please!

    Hi all. Barry O'farrell the premier of NSW Australia is hedging on a promise he mad to re-open the duck hunting season. The anties are kicking up a stink on local radio and TV. Our two shooters party reps, have honored their promises and expect no more from Barry O'Farrell. Before the paper...
  17. Haz.

    I was banned for a while on a hunting forum Down Under!

    I am a member of a hunting and firearms forum, well one of several but I am refering to one in particular, here in Australia. This forum has a politics and current affairs thread where I as some other members do, cut and paste the sad but frequent crimes news stories, especially those which are...
  18. Haz.

    Gunman loose as two men shot dead. Sydney.

    Australias former prim Minister, John Howards five hundred million dollar gun steal back, the recent 2012 Firearms Ammunition Amendment Bill, compulsory firearms registration, and every other firearms law and all other regulations, including armed self defence of any kind being declared illegal...
  19. Haz.

    Robbed, kidnaped then raped.

    Murders, rapes and robberies certainly have not decreased since the general population of Australia has been dissarmed during the stealback. Women are especially vulnerable to these criminal attacks. No firearm, no mace, no knife, not even a knitting needle can be carried to defend ones self...
  20. Haz.

    Roughly 30 South African miners killed, shot by police!

    I'm not condoning this type of violence by either party, but take away a mans right to own firearms as the Australian Prim mininster John Howard did, then take away a mans right to withdraw his labor, the next thing John Howard did, and one ends up with a one sided lethal cocktail when wages...