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  1. 64Impala

    concealed in a car, no case....

    Hi Guys - I wasn't sure how to title this thread. Anyways, I've got a small, cable tied guns safe in my car for those time I need to store it due to posting. If I'm with another person, in THEIR vehicle, and they don't have a CCW permit, can I put my firearm in their glove box for storage...
  2. 64Impala

    Should I ask HR to clarify?

    Hi Guys - the company I work for just posted a "no firearms" sign at the employee entrance to the building. I'm assuming they are at all entrances, but haven't confirmed. The sign specifically reads. "No firearms or weapons allowed on this property" Now I've read the published bill, and as...
  3. 64Impala

    What if.... Printing

    Hi Folks – With the ability to both open and CC with this new bill, how is “printing” handled? Obviously the whole idea of CC is the firearm isn’t seen, but, in the event that printing happens, what are the potential consequences? Would it be considered “brandishing? Right now, printing is...
  4. 64Impala

    IWB holsters

    Does anyone open carry with a IWB holster? I'm assuming this is ok as long as the firearm isn't completely covered. For those that use an IWB holster, any recommendations? Much thanks
  5. 64Impala

    open carry in county park/campground

    imported post Hi Guys – My first time in here, but I hope someone here can help me. My wife and I are going to Florence County 4-wheeling for the week. My wife (for the first time) asked me to bring my pistol up there. We are staying in a county campground out in the sticks and will most...