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  1. Rich7553

    so i guess i will never get my gun back

    I love it when a plan comes together!
  2. Rich7553

    Public Meetings for SYG Task Force

    Meeting dates/places for the Governor's Stand Your Ground Task Force (no meeting in August, specific places/times TBD): June 12 - Sanford July 10 - Desoto County Sept. 12 - Miami or Miami Gardens Sept. 13 - Palm Beach County October TBD - Pensacola November - Jacksonville
  3. Rich7553

    Action Alert - SYG under attack!

    Stand Your Ground Support The Right to Fight Back For Your Life Those of you who follow our press releases and newsletters are aware that we do not tend to exaggerate the criticality of any given piece of legislation or situation. There have been some important bills over the past few years...
  4. Rich7553

    State Park with NO FIREARMS ALLOWED posting

    That's "azzhat", if you please.
  5. Rich7553

    Campus gun bans, a failed system?

    The Virginia Tech incidents occurred on just one campus, in just one state. Similar events have occurred on campuses throughout the country, each one a gun-free zone. How many more such incidents will need to occur before college administrators realize that gun bans simply do not protect the...
  6. Rich7553

    Jojo, please read your private messages

  7. Rich7553

    Examiner.com - Resistance is futile. You must comply.

    http://www.examiner.com/gun-rights-in-ft-myers/resistance-is-futile-you-must-comply According to an October 20th article published on the St. Petersburg Times’ Tampabay.com, Florida Representative Rick Kriseman (D-Pinellas) is urging county lawmakers to endorse a local measure allowing voters...
  8. Rich7553

    OC may have prevented a crime/LEO encounter

    http://forum.pafoa.org/open-carry-144/147404-oc-may-have-prevented-crime-leo-encounter.html :banana:
  9. Rich7553

    Bloomberg writer admits to perjury to obtain FL concealed weapons license

    http://www.examiner.com/gun-rights-in-ft-myers/bloomberg-writer-admits-to-perjury-to-obtain-fl-concealed-firearms-license-1 In a September 12, 2011 article for Bloomberg.com, writer John Crewdson has admitted to committing willful perjury in order to obtain a Florida concealed weapon/firearm...
  10. Rich7553

    Ever been detained, arrested, or prosecuted for violating a preempted ordinance?

    Florida Carry's legal team needs your help. If you have ever (since 1987) been detained, arrested, or prosecuted for violating a local ordinance in Florida that regulates firearms, we want to know about it. Briefly describe where, when, what happened, and final disposition to...
  11. Rich7553

    If OC was so objectionable, why was FSA the only LEA present at committees?

    I find it peculiar that the Florida Sheriffs Association was the only law enforcement organization that showed up in force to oppose open carry. Where was FHP? Where were the major city police departments?
  12. Rich7553

    Florida Carry Legislative Alert

    FLORIDA CARRY, INC. LEGISLATIVE ALERT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – April 26, 2011 SB 234 – Sen. Bogdanoff files OC crippling amendment AGAIN! Members and friends, If you have been keeping track of SB 234, you’ll remember that Senator Ellyn Bogdanoff (R-Fort Lauderdale) introduced an amendment to...
  13. Rich7553

    Florida Carry Legislative Alert - SB 234 on Senate Calendar 4/27

    FLORIDA CARRY, INC. LEGISLATIVE ALERT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – April 25, 2011 SB 234 – On Senate Special Calendar for April 27, 2011 Members and friends, We’re down to the wire. On Wednesday, the Senate will vote on SB 234. This bill includes open carry, vehicle carry, DOACS fingerprint...
  14. Rich7553

    Florida carry urgent action requested!

    FLORIDA CARRY, INC. LEGISLATIVE ALERT URGENT ACTION NEEDED! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – April 12, 2011 SB 234 – Bogdanoff Committee Amendment a Prelude to Killing OC Members and friends, Late today, Sen. Ellyn Bogdanoff (R-Fort Lauderdale), introduced a committee amendment to SB 234. This bill...
  15. Rich7553

    HB 517 OC Bill passes last committee!

    House Bill 517 overwhelmingly passed the House Judiciary Committee this morning on it's final stop before hitting the house floor. The overriding contention was that the opposition could cite no cases in which OC was an issue in any other state where it is law. It was difficult to hear all the...
  16. Rich7553

    URGENT - HB 45 Passes House Community/Mil Affairs Subcommittee

    It was supposed to be temporarily postponed, but the house preemption bill HB 45, was heard by the House Community and Military Affairs Subcommittee yesterday, and passed by a vote of 11 to 4. The vote was along party lines, with the exception of Democrat Scott Randolph, who voted in favor. The...
  17. Rich7553

    FLASH - SB 402 Passes Senate Committee on Community Affairs

    SB 402, companion bill to HB 45 on preemption, was favorably considered this morning by the Senate Committee on Community Affairs by a unanimous vote of 9 - 0. Next up for SB 402, Judiciary Committee and finally the Rules Committee.
  18. Rich7553

    Examiner.com - OC bills advance in FL legislature

    Florida Senate Bill 234 and companion House Bill 517 both advanced in their respective criminal justice committees this week. The bills major provision is the authorization for licensed concealed carriers to carry openly at their option. Continue reading on Examiner.com: Open carry bills...
  19. Rich7553

    SB 234 passes Senate CJ Committee!

    The Senate Committee on Criminal Justice passed SB 234 on a 3-2 party line vote. Sen. Charles Dean voted in favor of the bill with reservations. An amendment was adopted removing the requirement for retention training, retention holsters, and display of CWFL prior to the vote on the bill. More...