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    Martinsburg Meet-up?

    Just moved back to the area after 10 years, and wondered if anyone wanted to meet up for coffee or something?
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    U.S. Border Laptop Searches - Constitutional

    Judge deems personal property is subject to geographical suspicionless searches by police.
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    Senate committee OKs bill curbing gun purchases

    As if the title weren't bad enough, there's this too. http://news.yahoo.com/senate-committee-oks-bill-curbing-gun-purchases-185202608--politics.html Anyone else curious as to how they absolutely, definitively, KNOW that many guns are acquired this way? Did they do a prison poll? Mentally...
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    OC'er in JC Penny's makes the news

    Anyone know who this was? (Looked, but didn't see this posted yet.) Man OC's AR 15 and Glock in JCPenny's -Video
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    I guess I'm a unicorn...?

    My husband took me on a date to a local gun show this morning, so I could get a feel for some double stack models that I may like. We were having a good time handling different makes and models, pointing things out to each other, molesting some guns we couldn't afford... :lol: It was great...
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    PETA crashes Biker Gathering

    Warning; put all beverages down before reading...:lol:
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    Pregnant Gun Carry

    (Let me apologize for the cruddy picture quality; I'm due in six weeks, so the fact that I got this done at all is :monkey) It's difficult to find a comfortable means of carrying when pregnant that is also readily accessible. Ankle holsters are challenging and awkward to reach quickly, waist...
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    Des Moines store has a message for Secret Service...

    Does anyone else need a laugh this morning? :lol: Des Moines store has a message for Secret Service: :monkey to them for initially refusing to remove the sign; :cry: that they eventually conceded.
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    Raw Milk Advocate arrested by armed 'bounty hunters'

    Raw milk advocate seized by armed, unknown men
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    Obama Re-Election Campaign's Event Registry

    Seriously? My sides hurt from laughing.
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    Open Carrying while Traveling

    Last week my husband, son and I drove out of state to visit my family. We left SC and drove through NC and VA to WV. These are the encounters we had while open carrying. April 26th Carsontech and I have had another opportunity to carry our self defense tools openly among the public last week...
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    Man quits Money...

    Interesting concept. Link
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    Stalked during my Walk today...

    Pardon me if I'm a little less than coherent...I've still got a fair amount of adrenaline pumping through me at the moment... I take my son out for a walk every day, weather permitting, and today was no exception. We stroll all the way down to the end of our neighborhood, probably about a mile...
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    Navy Hires Hackers

    The U.S. Navy is looking for a few good video game hackers After all, Bin Laden had a gaming system, therefore they ALL must have gaming systems, right? That didn't stop the Patriot Act. And we trust them to not abuse this power, because...? So the Feds aren't going to use this to target...
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    Fugitive updates FB

    Wash. man on the run finds time to update Facebook Pardon my rant, but :cuss:!? Is it just me and my glass of wine, or does it sound like he's implying something here? I'm going to start posting pictures of Token from South Park every time I hear this $#IT..."he was turning his life...
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    Shepherdstown/Martinsburg Shooting Ranges

    Going to be taking a little vacation to the Shepherdstown/Martinsburg area in a few weeks, and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a place to go shooting? We want to take my family shooting (7-8 people, most adults) but all the ranges we know in the area of are pretty pricey. Is...
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    Stainless Kimber Ultra Carry II

    Got my first 1911 yesterday, and I am in love! It fits perfectly in my hand, the recoil spring is smoother than any other gun I've ever had, and it's the perfect size to conceal. I can't wait to take this little beauty out to the range! Now I just gotta find the perfect holster, maybe...