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  1. J_dazzle23

    Articles and statistics related to 2nd amendment

    Hey everyone. I've got a friend that is doing a research project of a class on the 2nd amendment...obviously, being the good friend that I am, would like it to have a nice "pro freedom" ring to it. Do you all have any good links for statistic and articles by reputable people on the 2nd...
  2. J_dazzle23

    Individual rights v. governent intervention

    Charles has made some good points here that really have still not been addressed, merely brushed aside. How do you mitigate differences legally when neither party is willing to bend? Regardless........forgive me charles, but you tee'd this one up for me. I couldn't help but take a break in...
  3. J_dazzle23

    How far does it go?

    As asinine as the arguement is of "should you be able to own nukes, then?" It got me thinking- IS there a line of what weapons the 2nd amendment applies to? For example, does it cover chemical weapons? I've always thought of it as a "gun" amendment. But in a completely literal sense, where...
  4. J_dazzle23

    Can't say I'm suprised. Land of the free?

  5. J_dazzle23

    Hypocrisy yet again for anti-gunners

    unfortunate that someone thought to threaten this woman. For more unfortunate that someone with as far-reaching voice as she has so quickly invalidates one basic human right while pushing relentlessly to ensure a different human right that she deems above the others. for those that don't...
  6. J_dazzle23

    The pet thread

    the boxer samson! *edit - can't figure out how to rotate on gs5!
  7. J_dazzle23

    Open carry in a car?

    I have a level 2 serpa duty holster. Just wondering how you guys comfortably sit in the car with them? I'm a fairly big guy (6'5, 245) and the belt attachment it comes with probably needs to be swapped with a paddle, but (never thought I'd say this) my kydex iwb is more comfortable with...