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  1. Jojo712

    Went Shooting Today

    Folks, I hadn't been to the range since a month before my daughter was born, November 2012. Today, I went with a good friend to the range inside the Bass pro shop in Dania. I got to unload a couple of hundred rounds on the old Wilson Combats and it was a good experience. The drive from...
  2. Jojo712

    A Post Zimmerman Rant

    The near future: I feel that now, after this acquittal, the witch hunt against us may actually become worse, as the usual suspects have indicated that they'll be going after stand your ground laws (NAACP), as well as attempting to limit the what they deem the over breadth of self defense laws...
  3. Jojo712

    Newtown Question

    Folks, If I've got my facts right, there were no "assault weapons" used in Newton; rather, the killer left a Bushmaster AR outside, in the car. If I've got my facts right, he used a couple pistols in order to commit his murders. Why then are we seeing this kind of stuff in the press...
  4. Jojo712

    NFA Trusts

    Folks, This is not my area of practice, but whenever I attend CLE's that aren't in my area I walk away with knowledge I did not previously possess. This can be attended by members of the general public (or you can buy the CD and get it a couple of weeks after the CLE, which is what I'll do)...
  5. Jojo712

    The Long Game

    Thinking about our issues in terms of Chess, I believe things are going to become absolutely ridiculous before they get back to normal (and we have to let the loons be loons before we can stand up and fight; otherwise folks won't appreciate the gravity of their mid-term vote). The right thing to...
  6. Jojo712

    Gun Appreciation Day!

    Folks, First off, my apologies for "going ghost" for a while. As some of you may know, Baby Jersey Rodriguez was born on November 10th, 2012, and I have been taking some time time off (both before and after) to deal with some unremitting health issues and with Jersey herself. As it turns out...
  7. Jojo712

    This Pirate Looks at 40

    How many of you have kids, and what do you do regarding your guns? As it stands, I've got a safe the size of a small room with a combination, an alarm, and a large arsenal. Then, I keep my trusty Wilson Combat by my nightstand as it stares back at me in the middle of the night, with those...
  8. Jojo712

    My Letter from Wayne

    Folks, I got this from the NRA today and I'm looking for how to respond. "Dear Jesus : Your NRA membership has officially expired. I've e-mailed you several times and I haven't heard back from you. If you have a problem with NRA that's keeping you from renewing your membership, please let...
  9. Jojo712

    Two New Cases: Help Appreciated

    Folks, I generally have my clients sign waivers stating that I can release their information in order to aid them or to instruct my college students. This is no exception. I currently have two gun cases that require assistance, and if you have any ideas, they would come in handy. Case #1: A...
  10. Jojo712

    Empire State Building case- ex-marine

    http://www.cnn.com/2012/01/21/us/new-york-gun-laws/index.html Shouldn't this type of thing be covered under the privileges and immunities clause of the constitution, just like marriages, divorces, and driver's licenses from other states?
  11. Jojo712

    New Neighbors in FL -- Friend or Foe?

  12. Jojo712

    Gun Show in Miami this weekend

    Folks, I've been out of commission for a while and I'm truly looking forward to getting back into my guns. There's a gun show at the Mahi Shrine (across from the criminal court) this weekend. It's one of the smaller gun shows, but they're all good regardless. I'm looking forward to getting...
  13. Jojo712

    Just returned to Sunny Florida from NYC

    Folks, The People's Republic of NYC is a deserted wasteland, where no human being retains the most basic of dignities: self-defense. Despite NYC not allowing any firearms at all while out in the most basic places (we stayed at our place in the Lower West Side, next to the WTC), there seems to...
  14. Jojo712


    Folks, Our dear buddy Super Blackhawk has come up with a great idea to aid the passage of what we stand for, and to make the phrase more palatable to regular folks: just like other movements have their euphemisms, like "pro-choice" and "pro-life"; "adult entertainment"; "between jobs"...
  15. Jojo712

    Shooting superstitions...

    I figured it out, folks: When I wear my magic balance bracelet and my watch with the watch face on the inside of the wrist (as Bill Wilson does on his videos), I can't miss.
  16. Jojo712

    Terry Fields - Florida Senate District 1

    Folks, The Terry Fields website is getting bigger and badder, which really makes me ask the question: is this gun-hating fanatic the kind of guy we really want in office? http://www.terrylfields.com/
  17. Jojo712


    Folks, We mention rights, privileges, laws, bills, senators, and politics. We even talk about ranges, holsters, and sometimes our compromise carry weapons. How many times, however, have we posted a couple of pics of the centerpieces of these important conversations, the guns themselves? Gun...
  18. Jojo712

    The Proverbial Test Case. Volunteers?

    From another thread. Thank you Rich7553 for the inspiration: Originally Posted by Rich7553 A LEO has no authority to "pull anyone's permit", and violation of either 790.053 or 790.10 does not constitute a felony, therefore in neither case is one's license at risk. Jojo712 asks: So who...
  19. Jojo712

    The Proverbial Test Case. Volunteers?

    Deleted. See other post with the same name. moderator help requested.
  20. Jojo712

    Wisdom from the Sages

    Folks, I was reading StogieC's 5 minute handbook when I stumbled upon some simple truths that, I assume, we either learn along the way or ignore all throughout life. Avoid hotheads, stick around, and make your politics multi-dimensional: these are life lessons, and I appreciate them. As...