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  1. Kopis

    Confronted by random guy last night

    So my girlfriend and I ran a few errands after work. Went to Marshalls, Dicks (where my iphone 6 cracked in back pocket), then kroger, walmart, petco and lastly whole foods (yeah yeah, i don't want to hear it, my girlfriend is on some health kick, i could care less either way. steaks and...
  2. Kopis

    TN parks question

    I thought the legislature had passed something overriding the no firearms in parks laws. My girlfriend and I were going to go to this park this weekend but the rules said no firearms. Can anyone advise? http://www.bowiepark.org/about/park-rules/
  3. Kopis

    Self defense in a dog attack?

    So i was grilling at my apartment on the fourth of July with my girlfriend and this guy walked by with a bad @ss german shepherd. We started chatting about them (I've always wanted one). Anyway, turns out to be an old DEA dog. He was talking about how chill the dog was etc when it jerks off...
  4. Kopis

    Moving to TN with out of state permit, can it be transferred?

    I thought i saw a thread awhile back where TN won't transfer permits anymore and they make you retake the class and paperwork again? Does anyone have a cite on this? My friend just moved here from boston (he had his MA permit) but they let him transfer it over and gave him one on the spot. I...
  5. Kopis

    Son gives mom a firearm... She needed it a week later

    http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2015/02/19/her-son-gave-her-a-gun-for-self-defense-one-week-later-she-found-herself-needing-it/ West Columbus Police Sgt. Dave Sicilian confirmed to the news station that the “homeowner was awakened and defended herself.” However, he also reportedly added, “We...
  6. Kopis

    Pharmacist shoots robber in West Virginia

    http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2015/02/19/masked-gunmans-plan-foiled-by-the-second-amendment-and-the-surveillance-camera-caught-it-all-graphic/ But Radcliff had a gun under his white pharmacy coat that he’d already been reaching for — and he used it, firing three times at the man, the Gazette...
  7. Kopis

    Deputy draws firearm at movies

    http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2015/02/18/off-duty-deputy-pulls-guns-movie-theater/23604819/ Any guesses what would happen to one of us if we did that?
  8. Kopis

    The ATF has issued an open letter on the stabilizing brace issue

    There is no telling how many people wrote the ATF asking if they could shoulder the sig brace when they were already shouldering the buffer tube anyway. We did this to ourselves with all the ATF letters and people/gear reviewers putting up pictures and videos of them shouldering the sig brace...
  9. Kopis

    Prepared to be boggled...

    I wear this shirt from time to time. People are always like "huh" bears have arms???
  10. Kopis

    MS counties suspend gun rights during stops

    Anyone else seen this? The AGs comments are especially disturbing where he said that the 2A only refers to people in an active militia, not everyday citizens. http://www.mississippigunnews.com/breaking-news-rankin-county-ms-police-suspend-your-rights-if-you-legally-carry-a-gun/ At least two...
  11. Kopis

    Houston Bar shooting-2/4 robbers dead

    http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2014/10/05/four-armed-men-enter-bar-and-demand-money-but-one-patron-hands-them-something-that-leaves-two-running-off-and-two-dead/ Four men entered EJ’s Place in Houston around closing 2:30 a.m. Saturday — but they weren’t paying customers. The were armed and...
  12. Kopis

    Trooper charged after shooting man during traffic stop

    Ive seen a lot of LEO shootings that i felt should've been charged and weren't so i was pretty surprised at this one. I watched it several times and the guy kind of darts back in his car in a way that i would've construed as going for a weapon had i been in his shoes. Secondly, who gets out of...
  13. Kopis

    Memphis LEO encounter

    I was out on the bike Sunday morning running way late to our rally point and while ill leave out the details let's just say a very upset officer finally caught up with me (terrible rear visibility on sport bikes plus i wear earplugs so i didn't hear him) anyway, after he decided not to take me...
  14. Kopis

    Mob attacks man in Memphis Kroger parking lot

    http://wreg.com/2014/09/07/teens-attack-people-in-parking-lot/ The white kid she is laughing about them attacking is a bagger who came to the aid of the first man being attacked. There was a similar incident in MO this past week with a man and his girlfriend attacked by 4-6 individuals.
  15. Kopis

    Michael Brown unarmed shooting in Ferguson, MO

    Id like to hear the autopsy results of where Brown was struck at. If he was shot in the back, there might be more to the story then. It's interesting that witnesses are now saying that the LEO was trying to pull Brown into driver's side of the police car. That just doesnt seem to hold...
  16. Kopis

    Man facing murder charge for pursuing, killing car thief

    http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2014/08/12/man-faces-murder-charges-after-pursuing-killing-alleged-car-thief/ Discuss...... on a side note, why do people say such silly things in 911 calls? Man Faces Murder Charges After Pursuing, Killing Alleged Car Thief Aug. 12, 2014 4:35pm Zach Noble 43...
  17. Kopis

    Apparently it was Open Carry day at Firehouse-Memphis TN

    I work for a national company and am not permitted to carry at work but my dad and i went to firehouse subs in memphis this afternoon (bartlett area). As i walked in, there was a guy with a KCCO shirt which i complimented him on then again for his glock which was nicely stipled with a Fobus...
  18. Kopis

    First bad open carry experience-Central BBQ Memphis TN

    I meant to post this up this weekend but i had family in town and was pretty busy. I started OCing here and there after joining this site last year. I thought about concealment versus the deterrent OC offers and came to realize OC is the way to go. Anyway, my aunt and uncle were passing...
  19. Kopis

    Constitutional Carry in a car

    sweet AR pistol. I love that sig brace with the extended buffer tube. Not that i have one just like it or anything... My friend just got the SB15 brace off ebay for $115 and a 3.5" extended buffer tube from amazon. $155 all in for an arm brace/extended buffer isnt bad. Hey, im not sure a...