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  1. nkunnen

    Shootin? Come on you know you want to.

    I know this is last minute, but I just seen on the NF website that the arapaho national forest lifted all fire restrictions on thursday. So the national forest is back open to shooting. I have been itching to do some shooting for a while. Im thinking of either goin up near idaho springs or...
  2. nkunnen

    shooting closure

    There is a shooting ban in arapahoe and rosevelt national forests. Due to fire danger.
  3. nkunnen

    early morning encounter

    It was 2:15 this morning and I had just left for work, and stoped by a gas station that had 24hour fueling to get some gas. When i pulled in there something told me to use the pump closest to the light. I started the pump and was suddenly approached by a man wearing all dark clothes with his...
  4. nkunnen

    Last minute shooting trip near idaho springs

    Any one wanna join me? Im going to have my daughter so it will be a relaxed trip. Im going to hit up a trail near Idaho Springs tomorrow and look for somewhere to shoot. If you wanna join you will need a 4WD.. pm me if you wanna tag along
  5. nkunnen

    aurora park

    There is a park near my house in aurora that i like to walk my dog and let my daughter ride her bike. I wondered about OC'ing in the park. So I looked for a sign and the one that I found did not say anything about no firearms. Now I know that on Aurora's website the have a general set of rules...
  6. nkunnen

    Another new guy in aurora

    Hello im new here. I was looking at the forum and it is full of a lot of nice people and a lot of info.. so i decided to join up. I am new to OCing and am trying to gather all the info that i can about the subject. I havent done it yet but picked up a holster today and am working towards doing it.