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  1. Da Po-lock

    Family Shooting Academy in Green Bay

    Web site says opening soon but don't give any date. Anyone hear of this place ? Looks pretty interesting since I only live a few miles from it. (right by Willow Creek Bowling Center) http://www.familyshootingacademy.com/
  2. Da Po-lock

    Bill Proposal~ Felony for Carrying Handgun ON Gas Station Property

    2011 Assembly BILL 406 https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/2011/related/proposals/ab406 Looks like "they" are still trying to punish us. COME ON..........treat gas station property same as a school zone ? Time to start calling our legislators [AGAIN] to get this one stopped before it gets off...
  3. Da Po-lock

    What penalty does DOJ face if they dont get your permit processed in the times stated

    If they don't then its breaking the law. Then who is responsible ? We all have to follow the law or face consequences, will the DOJ be "above the law" somehow if this happens ? Anybody know ?
  4. Da Po-lock

    So....Who's gonna OC in their vehicle @ 12:01 Nov 1?

    I will be
  5. Da Po-lock

    WBAY Channel 2 Green Bay reports Walker has DOJ rules

    Report says Walker received the rules on Fri. 10/7 and has until 10/21 to either accept or reject them.
  6. Da Po-lock

    Anyone hear anything about LRB-1965

    I found this on another web site. Does anyone know the BILL number associated with this ? This basically changes the unloaded firearm-bow-crossbow case law. Link to LRB-1965 PDF. https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1jA1IZTQah60ZKEzKIwFB3UxPH4oJL2GOZ_9rIHe40E0 Interestingly look at the very...
  7. Da Po-lock

    What I heard today

    I talked briefly to a lady at NWTC today about the CC class they will offer this it what I understand is happening right now: 1) The DOJ already sent out guidelines of what the training needs to consist of and are waiting for Law Enforcement Acency Association approval which is expected to...
  8. Da Po-lock

    Who plans on using in the MD Training when applying for their permit ?

    Who plans on using the MD Training when applying for their permit ? I absolutely will be.
  9. Da Po-lock

    Training for Concealed Carry in Wisconsin

    Could our administrator please make this a sticky thread ? I thought I would start a thread for a place to gather information concerning concealed carry training available to us to meet the requirements to get a Wisconsin permit. (Not training for CCW permits for other states that WI will...
  10. Da Po-lock

    Training for Concealed Carry of NON Firearms

    By the way I read it, you will need the permit to carry "Electric Weapons, Knives and Clubs" Well all the focus seems to be on firearms training right ? Where is there ANY Mention of training for Concealed Carry of NON Firearms ? The "Qualifications" of DOJ approved trainers is all about...
  11. Da Po-lock

    Its Starting in Green Bay

    Signs splattered on lots of street corners already in Green Bay from E2C (Equip 2 Conceal) out of Florida. NOT NRA approved. Saw signs already Sunday hawking WI CCW training. They state they have classes starting 7/16 here in town.
  12. Da Po-lock

    Open carry driving a riding lawnmower

    Without ever giving this a thought I carry up north at our cabin when I cut the grass. Does anyone know if it is legal ? I'm thinking its o.k. ..............Preplexed Po-lock
  13. Da Po-lock

    It's Official ~ Fleet Farm HAS Handguns

    :banana: I was just in there fondling a pair and drooling. :banana: ........Giddy Po-lock
  14. Da Po-lock

    When will Walker sign the bill ?

    What is the process now ?
  15. Da Po-lock

    ASSEMBLY Vote on SB92

    I just got off the phone with Rep. John Klenke (Green Bay) and he told me the following: The Assembly will finish budget items tomorrow (Thur. 6/16) and will NOT have time to get to Concealed Carry this week. Said that CC / SB93 will probably take up a full day. I explained the Senate did it...
  16. Da Po-lock

    WisEye SB93 June 9th

    During Lena Taylor segment (2:29) the Chair stated the Governor could LINE ITEM VETO SB93. What are the chances Walker would veto the Training portion ?
  17. Da Po-lock

    Odd email response from Rep. Klenke

    I emailed him several times over the last 3 weeks concerning Constitutional Carry and adding "Stand your Ground" to the Castle Doctrine Bill. This is the reply I finally received yesterday (he also gave me his phone number );
  18. Da Po-lock

    Status of SB93 & AB69 as of 5/31

    Status of SB93 & AB69 as of June 1st I called my legislators again today for my weekly pester call and was told the following; Rep. Klenke (R) was of course in a meeting but I spoke with his lackey Matt. This guy I don't like because he supposedly lost 2 of my previous emails. I questioned...
  19. Da Po-lock

    Things are starting to happen now!

    Action on concealed carry in a couple days. http://www.jsonline.com/news/statepolitics/122477164.html And the foolish talk continues!!!!!!!!! http://www.milwaukeenewsbuzz.com/?p=621098
  20. Da Po-lock

    Tracking Carry Bills

    Does anyone know where to go to track each of the carry bills daily to find out what was discussed at the close of each days session? If any changes are being considered we need to know as it is happening so we can pressure our legislators and let then know we are watching every move they make...