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  1. .40 Cal

    OCDO NC Shootout... Who's in?

    Get togethers for dinner or lunch are cool, but who wants to get a group range day together? Does anyone have some acreage where we can have a pot luck picnic and shooting day? Would there be any interest in trying to get this going? I'm a fan of plinking, but I really love doing it with a group...
  2. .40 Cal

    Indian Trail Wal-Mart resembling WWII European food ration lines...

    I went to the local Wal-Mart this morning at 7, and the surprise that I found waiting for me was disheartening. Last night I went to the Wallly World to see if they had anything more than the same old boxes of 22 Win Mag and 22-250 (That's all they have had in there every time I have gone in...
  3. .40 Cal

    Rationing lines resembling the Great Depression...

    I went to the local Wal-Mart this morning at 7, and the surprise that I found waiting for me was disheartening. Last night I went to the Wallly World to see if they had anything more than the same old boxes of 22 Win Mag and 22-250 (That's all they have had in there every time I have gone in...
  4. .40 Cal

    2013 Bills

    2013 North Carolina House Bills: 1. HB 8 – Deals with Eminent Domain 2. HB 16 – No NC Exchange no Medicare Expansion 3. HB 17 – Restaurant Carry and Confidentially of Gun Permits 4. HB 19 – Respect our Fallen Heroes 5. HB 25 – Amend Felony Breaking and Entering 6...
  5. .40 Cal

    My wife OC'd all day today!

    I love it when she tells me things like this. Today she had a couple of guys come over to estimate some landscaping, so she tucked her 642 in her pants and had it there the whole time the guys were there. She went to Wally World and decided to keep it in her waist band (usually she puts it in...
  6. .40 Cal

    Nighthawk T3 for 2K... yes or no?

    Found one at the local shop unfired for 2K with 8 mags and all the goodies they send them with. I need another 1911 like I need a whole in the head, but I need support from my brothers.
  7. .40 Cal

    Showdown between 642 and PF9

    imported post I went to the range with my BUGs today to see who would end up as my EDC. I hada box of WWB 9mm JHP and one box of WWB .38 Spl +p JHP. I ran one magazine through the PF9 first, then one cylinder through the 642. Recoil was fairly matched between the 2. Sight acquisition was much...
  8. .40 Cal

    Today is my birthday!

    imported post That's it! I am now in my mid thirties. I will make sure to OC all day to keep my neighborhood safe this Halloween.
  9. .40 Cal

    Gun show this Saturday

    imported post Even though I don't ever buy anything, I still like to go and hang out around other gun nuts. Who's going?
  10. .40 Cal

    Spring assisted knive's in NC

    imported post I threw the OC part in to make it relevant to the board, but could someone let me know what the verdict of a spring assited knife carry would be. I have read the law and find nothing that says yay or nay on the matter. Naturally I would be OC'ing the knife clip to make it legal.
  11. .40 Cal

    Charlotte gun show Saturday

    imported post So far, I am.
  12. .40 Cal

    Open carry thread on 1911forum.com

    imported post http://forums.1911forum.com/showthread.php?t=240839&page=2
  13. .40 Cal

    Gathering of Eagles: Pro-2nd Amendment Demonstration - 2/4

    imported post http://www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=8&f=34&t=343007 http://www.whatbubbaknows.com/shallnotbeinfringed/ (snip) If you havn't already made plans to attend, it's time to start making those arrangements. You must know that your rights to own guns are under attack, now more...
  14. .40 Cal

    Morning dilemma

    imported post Sometimes it's hard to wake up and figure out what to wear:
  15. .40 Cal

    Cop on AR15.com lets you know he is the law!

    imported post (snip) You are taking it wrong. Innocent until proven guilty is the standard for the courtroom, not for being arrested on the street. I only need to feel you are probably guilty to arrest you (unless making a warrant arrest). I can't believe this is someone who might one day run...
  16. .40 Cal

    My son took a gun to school yesterday...

    imported post Take a look at this. My 4 year old had to bring things that start with the letter G to his preschool. I said take that, not knowing that they had a no toy gun rule. My wife explained the rule to me, and I assumed that since this didn't even look like a firearm it would OK...
  17. .40 Cal

    Gratuitous liberal upsetting photography

    imported post :celebrate:celebrate:celebrate:celebrate:celebrate:celebrate:celebrate:celebrate:celebrate:celebrate:celebrate:celebrate:celebrate:celebrate Molon Labe, beetches!
  18. .40 Cal

    Falling bullets

    imported post I know that one of the stupidest things one can do is to shoot up into the air, and I condemn it in every way. This said, does anyone have any facts on the lethality of this?At what rate does the bullet come down? Physically it would be impossible for it to come down at the same...
  19. .40 Cal

    It's back!

    imported post http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/future-weapons/games/cannon/cannon.html How good are you?
  20. .40 Cal

    Picked up the ultimate anti ban gun

    imported post Just walked into my local funshop and saw a guy selling his Tec DC9 to the shop owner. I had to have it! It is still in the original box with all the original paperwork and in preban configuration. I got it with a 32 round magazine for $300. I took it straight to their range and...