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  1. ak56

    Has your vote been counted?

    I don't know about other counties, but here in King County you can check to see if your ballot has been counted. https://info.kingcounty.gov/elections/ballottracker.aspx Just checked and neither mine nor my wife's has been counted yet. I'm going to keep track to ensure that mine hasn't been...
  2. ak56

    Another MAIG member in trouble

    Seems they just can't keep themselves out of trouble N. Miami mayor surrenders in mortgage fraud case
  3. ak56

    Washington Businesses that Ban Guns

    Words are not necessary.
  4. ak56

    Boston Blog erm Globe

    Banning extended clips such as these would have the same effect on preventing violence as banning extended magazines would.
  5. ak56

    What would you propose Washington's State Official firearm...

    Victor Dewey 12 guage shotgun. In reality, any of the generic hardware-store shotguns. This is the one my grandfather used when he homesteaded in Washington a century ago.
  6. ak56

    The Seattle and East of Lake Washington OC report

    OK, we have the South Sound OC Report, which says it's for South of Seattle to Olympia... and the North Sound OC Report, which says it's for North of Seattle to Everett... I'm feeling left out, so I'm going to plug the hole in the middle with... The Seattle and East of Lake Washington OC...
  7. ak56

    OC'd from Washington to Texas (almost)

    Left from Carnation about 1PM Saturday driving a 17ft U-Haul truck. OC'd in many Gas stations and Rest Areas in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah and New Mexico. Concealed when leaving the gas station in Texico, about 100 yards before the Texas border. Arrived in Lubbock 8:30 Monday evening. Not...
  8. ak56

    Finally got a big-boy gun.

    Well, after trying lots of guns of different brands, in different calibers, doing research, firing more guns, reading reviews, more research, throwing darts, firing more guns, checking my horoscope, rolling dice, firing more guns, flipping a coin, shopping around... ...I finally ended up...
  9. ak56

    OT But Self Defense related

    I always laugh when I see the 'sheepdog are always on the alert' type statements. What you don't see in this picture are the two sheepdogs resting in the shade next to my truck, while the shepherd has to climb the hill after the strays.
  10. ak56

    First time OC in Carnation on Saturday

    imported post THE GUY: For most of you who have not met me, I'm an overweight fifty-something white guy - yes, I fit the stereotype. THE GUN: Since I got interested in carry while unemployed, and have only recently returned to work, I have bills to pay before I can invest in a new gun, so all...
  11. ak56

    Memorial for Officer Mundell

    imported post I'm planning to head down to Tacoma tomorrow. Anyone else?