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    Ray Stevens on illegal immigration

    imported post http://www.raystevens.com/main/index.htm
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    Any News on Constitutional Carry??

    imported post I haven't heard or read anything in a couple days on any of the forums. Is no news good or bad you think???????
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    Constitutional Carry Will She?

    imported post Think she will sign the bill or not? First it seemed pretty certain that she would then after the last alert it seemed more like a flip of the coin. What way would you bet on??
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    Constitional carry could be in danger!!!

    imported post [AZCDL_Alerts] What’s going on at KFYI?...From:"AZCDL_Alerts-owner@yahoogroups.com" <AZCDL_Alerts-owner@yahoogroups.com>... SB 1108, the Constitutional Carry bill, has passed the Legislature and will soon be transmitted to the Governor. SB...
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    Constitutional Carry Billl Question

    imported post I'm thinking I read someplace on the net that the Chief of Police or some LEO Group like that came out in support of the bill after it was amended. Did I read that or at my old age I'm I just mixed up? If I read it anyone know were I can find the article on the net? Thanks
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    Company Not To Buy From!!

    imported post I was thinking of adding a Laser to my gun. Looking around as to what I wanted I found a company in the city I live in. Here in Arizona being one of the more pro gun states there is a company called Laserlyte. I went to the office intending to check out their products first had...