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  1. DocSkunk

    Red Flag Law

    http://wane.com/2018/02/21/indiana-attorney-general-issues-advisory-on-states-gun-law/ Apparently its been around since 2005 and I didn't know about it. I've been opening carrying for a 10+ years no issues. Anybody else think that since they are pushing to make this known they could use it...
  2. DocSkunk

    Indiana Carry Report

    Since things around the Indiana board have been quiet for some time. 9-22-17 Coldwater Crossing movie theater Fort Wayne CC Saw the new Kingsmen. great movie btw - No issues Walmart on Coldwater Fort Wayne few looks from some but that is normal no contact no issues. Logan's Roadhouse on Lima...
  3. DocSkunk

    Henry Mares Leg

    I just received the holster for my .22 Mares leg in the mail a few weeks ago. The mares leg is classed as a pistol and my IN LTC should allow me to carry it where i please(observing all laws). I normally carry a Glock 17 or my Rossi 461, i figured on some days it would be fun to take the mares...
  4. DocSkunk

    Right to inform

    I looked around abit and didnt see a thread about this in the Indiana section. I wasnt sure if IN was a right to inform sate or not. If what im am saying is lost i mean do i have to tell the officer who is pulling me over i have a firearm on me and where? Or can i just let it go. I OC daily when...
  5. DocSkunk


    (sorry if there is a thread like this) Shoes is the topic of this thread I tend to OC when ever im not at work or school. my outfits are well maintained nothing ratty and i have seen many threads about appearance when OCing and how you carry yourself. But nothing over shoes. During the winter...
  6. DocSkunk

    Fort Wayne, IN Meet up

    So i was wondering if anything really happened for a Fort Wayne Meet up? some of the threads i have seen on the matter seem to be abit outdated and alot of those members dont seem to be posting anymore. So i guess i am making a new thread. I am a new guy to the forums. proud OC every day when i...