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  1. okiebryan

    Okie visiting LV next weekend. Anyone care to get together?

    I'm returning to Nevada for a short getaway, will be staying at the Flamingo in LV from 9/19 to 9/22. Anyone in the area available for an OC lunch or anything? Or are there any events already planned for next weekend? Open carried a couple of years ago in Reno and out in the desert when I...
  2. okiebryan

    Open carry walk, Saturday 9/7 Van Buren AR

    Some of us are planning a trip to Arkansas this Saturday to join Arkansas Carry in their efforts to gain media exposure and assert their new right to unlicensed open carry in Arkansas. We'll be meeting at the Van Buren library at 9am. Anyone need a ride? Can pick up one or two anywhere between...
  3. okiebryan

    OKOCA Memberships are now available online!

    Every level of membership, with an explanation of each, is now available on our website. Now you don't have to mess with mail, and a stamp, etc. Paid members is what gives us the ability to print and distribute education materials, to get equipment and permits for rallies and demonstrations...
  4. okiebryan

    Planning thread for Tulsa Preemption Rally / Cookout

    Many who were at the Knotty Pine get together had great ideas for the event we are planning. Here's a little background about what we are doing, and why we are doing it. Apparently, some Tulsa City Council Members have a hard time understanding state preemption. They are supposed to repeal...
  5. okiebryan

    CALL TO ACTION! 2 House bills need your help

    HB1558, which would exempt handgun licensees from the 10 YEAR FELONY for carrying concealed on public transit... and HB2221, which would exempt a business from liability if they choose to allow lawful carry These 2 bills have already passed the House, and been assigned to the Senate Public...
  6. okiebryan

    Creepy people behavior in the presence of open carry

    Has anyone else who open carries regularly noticed stereotypical shady types acting nervous or avoiding them while in public places? I have. OC almost seems like a creep detector. Normal people either don't notice or don't care, but people who look like they are up to no good sometimes tend...
  7. okiebryan

    Now's our chance to help the Open Carry effort in Arkansas

    The author of the Open Carry bill in Arkansas (HB1408) has asked for help. Representative Sue Scott has asked for people to call, fax and email Speaker Davy Carter. Speaker Carter has expressed his opposition to open carry, and his opposition is based on nothing but typical anti-open carry...
  8. okiebryan

    Mandatory liability insurance for gun owners?

    {This is my first attempt at writing an op-ed type article.. let me know what you think.} The latest in a long line of backdoor gun control proposals is a call for all gun owners to be forced to buy liability insurance policies as a condition of owning firearms. Let’s take a look at what this...
  9. okiebryan

    My son just moved to NC, Have questions for NC OCers who have BTDT.

    My 23 year old son who DOES NOT have a handgun license just moved back to NC where he was very recently honorably discharged from the US Army. I visited him there in December, and I OCd while I was there (I have an Oklahoma and an Arizona license). I didn't have any issues. However, a 23 year...
  10. okiebryan

    What are you doing...right now...to get open carry in Texas?

    I don't see much activity here. I hope there is another board where people are talking and sharing legislative information. We're following your progress here in Oklahoma, but I don't see any... where is the discussion? If someone isn't following the legislation and talking about it...
  11. okiebryan

    CALL TO ACTION! SB173 is a big one for us.

    SB173 was authored by Sen Griffin at the request of OKOCA and OK2A. This bill will provide an exemption from liability to any business who chooses to allow lawful carry. This will help a lot in our efforts to convince businesses to take down their "gun free" zones. The bill has been referred...
  12. okiebryan

    What is open carry?

    Taken from Idahoopencarry.org: WHAT IS OPEN CARRY? It is the beautiful bold face of the 2nd Amendment. It is the American flag to America’s enemies. It is the ultimate symbol of American freedom. It is Ronald Reagan’s “Tear down this wall!” It is “in your face” to the anti-gun left. It is...
  13. okiebryan

    Interviewed by reporter with Ft Worth Star Telegram (Oklahoma Open Carry)

    Hello, Texas. I wanted to let you all know that a reporter with the Ft Worth Star Telegram came to OKC last night to interview us about OC in Oklahoma. There should be a story soon. I think we left her with a good impression, and I hope her story helps you guys to get an OC bill passed. Seems...
  14. okiebryan

    Tulsa World – Okmulgee updates ordinance to match new open-carry law

    OKMULGEE – The open-carry law that became effective in Oklahoma on Nov. 1 has prompted Okmulgee to update its city ordinance, which prohibited the carrying of revolvers and pistols. Full story
  15. okiebryan

    Some in the Oklahoma news media have the courage to tell it like it is.

  16. okiebryan

    Fox 23 – State Lawmakers say NO to Federal Gun Laws

  17. okiebryan

    Guns Across America - Rally to make our voices heard!

    More information here: https://www.facebook.com/GunControlMoreCrime The event mirrored on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/427981847272767/ [When] Saturday, January 19, 2013 Noon OKOCA will join other groups and individuals to participate in "Guns Across America". "Guns...
  18. okiebryan

    Join The NRA For $25.00 & Receive A $25.00 Gift Card To Bass Pro Shop!!

    Sign up for one-year NRA Membership (Normally $35) and receive a $25 Bass Pro Shops Gift Card to be used towards a Bass Pro Shops Store or catalog purchase. You’ll also receive your choice of award-winning NRA magazines, official membership card, upon activation, $7,500 worth of insurance...
  19. okiebryan

    OKOCA joins Guns Across America rally at State Capitol Jan 19

    Hello, everyone. The BOD of OKOCA has decided to get behind the series of rallies at State Capitols all across the country. We are asking all of the members and supporters of Oklahoma Open Carry Association to join us at noon on Saturday, January 19th, at the Oklahoma State Capitol. Open...
  20. okiebryan

    OKOCA Election Nomination Thread

    This is one place where nominations can be made for the following OKOCA officers for 2013: President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Please nominate one person for one office per post, in the following manner: "I nominate (name) for the office of (office)." We have not set a date for the...