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    Pharmacist carries (OC?), prevents robbery.

    Doesn't specifically say the pharmacist was OC, but from the brief description, it sounds like they might have been. Either way, an armed citizen prevented a robbery. http://www.8newsnow.com/story/13275140/suspect-leads-police-on-a-chase-through-las-vegas
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    Citizen Review Board Openings

    Saw this today and thought it would be great if some OCers got on the board. "The Metro Police Citizen Review Board is asking citizens who can objectively review Internal Affairs Investigations and complaints filed against Metro officers to apply to serve on the 25-member Citizen Review Board...
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    What ammo for chambered round?

    imported post So far I've been reluctant to carry or even store my pistol with a round chambered because of the added threat of accidental discharge. So, I was wondering what everybody uses as their chambered round? Do you use a different round than the rest of your clip, just in case of...
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    Nearly a "gang"?

    imported post I was just considering the OC meetups, and it got me thinking back to my days in high school in Michigan. BACKGROUND: A fairly large group of us would all talk together on the CB Radio (yes, I'm THAT geek) and would meet up most nights in a parking lot near the river to BS and...
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    North LV question

    imported post I know it's been asked before, but seems to be quite old topics. I also wanted to post my story and bring another "problem" to light. I stopped at Bass Pro Shop on my way home from work this evening hoping they might have some 9mm ammo in stock (they didn't) and a guy was in...
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    Declare requirement questions.

    imported post Sorry if this has been asked before, but I've been reading for days and searching for hours and my search-fu has failed me if it has. I'm new to OC, and trying to get all of the legalities understood before proceeding. In the unlikely event that I incur a traffic stop while...