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    Country Market Shawano posted

    Charlies Country Market in hawano is paosted.... No concealed weapons..... Writing Charliescountrymarket.com next:(
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    MKE bans weapons in puplic buildings

    Now only the bad guys can be armed:banghead:
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    An amazing sight on US 10 between Fremont and Stevens Point

    I wish I took this picture National Cemetery Minnieapolis
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    Rules are not final yet?

    http://wsau.com/news/articles/2011/sep/06/concealed-carry-training-regulations-to-be-released-in-october/ MADISON (WRN) A law allowing people to carry concealed weapons in Wisconsin takes effect in less than two months. However, the training requirements needed to qualify for a permit are still...
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    Have I missed something?

    Never a mentionon this site?? http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/06/25/locals-pressure-wisconsin-store-owner-over-decision-to-disallow-concealed-carry/?test=latestnews
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    Musst read OP-ED

    http://blogs.forbes.com/larrybell/2011/06/07/u-n-agreement-should-have-all-gun-owners-up-in-arms/ A couple of weeks back Obama said they (his administration) were working on gun issues quietly. :mad:
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    Indiana Surpreme court says cops don't need permission to enter your house

    I know this is Wisconsin, but I just read this and need to scream http://www.nwitimes.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/article_ec169697-a19e-525f-a532-81b3df229697.html :cuss:
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    Letter from Afganistan to WIS Senators

    My wife's cousin" son: I am a soldier serving in the United States Army currently serving in Afghanistan. I am writing as a result of the recent actions, or lack of actions, in the state Senate. I am fully aware of the situation and the terms brought to the table concerning the budget and the...
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    Bill of Rights Day

    Happy Bill of Rights day. How are you going to celebrate? I'm off to buy a gun this afternoon!:banana:
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    I was number 2 to vote!

    I was the second person to cast a ballot at my local polling place? What # were you??
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    End of OC in Starbucks?

    http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/39719692/ns/business-consumer_news/?gt1=43001 Starbucks is looking to revamp its image. If an experiment in a refurbished coffee shop in Seattle’s busy Capitol Hill area goes well, the chain could soon be luring you to its stores with wine, beer and a selection of...
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    Paents concerned about clientele

    http://www.620wtmj.com/news/local/105002804.html You guys are a dangerous group! You go to gun shops.:banghead:
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    My wife, yes I love her, wants to to take a handgun course. Anyone take any that they would recommend for a newbie shooter?:monkey
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    Reason to carry?

    Wow I'm having a fun week. 2 posts a new record for me! Last night my favorite girlfriend and I (wife) went for our walk around the block. I always carry on this walk but it is no big statement; we are out in the country and if we see one other person it is an event. We are about to complete...
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    False alarm

    2wks ago my nearest neighbor was robbed. He is about a mile away and the house is not visible from the road. He had his alarm disconnected becouse of the amount of false alarms he was getting. They got a lot of nice stuff and about 30k in fine guns.(if anyone gets a deal they can't believe...
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    open carry in mke

    imported post right now..wtmj Charlie is going to talk about open carry.....620
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    Flynn call a lawyer

    imported post Anybody see this response to Flynn http://www.620wtmj.com/shows/jeffwagner/43423467.html?blog=y