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    D.C. constitutional carry?

    Did anyone else see this? Surely this can't be right. There has to be some sort of back door way thwy will keep citizens from carrying http://blog.joehuffman.org/2014/07/26/washington-d-c-is-now-constitutional-carry/
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    Indianapolis - grant my mother her dying wish

    I'm sorry to be asking this of you guys, but I need your help if you can. My mother has end stage cancer, and will be discharged from community north to hospice this week so that she can go home to pass. That is how she wants to die -at home with her family. The problem is she has been...
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    new, lead-free hollow point looks....incredible?!

    holy cow. Talk about a one hitter quitter. http://thelibertydigest.com/2014/01/24/the-new-ammunition-that-has-gun-owners-drooling/
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    Noobie lunch 7 Jan

    Are you a new guy that wants to meet with some other OCers? Meet us at Denny's on 7341 W lake mead blvd. The intersection is lake mead and tenaya. Let's meet up at 12 noon. Just look for the guys with guns! Post in here to let me know who is coming though so i know how bih of a table to get.
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    OT: Tahoe ski trip

    I have an off topic question for you guys. My girlfriend will be making a ski trip to tahoe january 10th thru 14th. Does anyone on here have accomidations to rent? Or recommend some good ones? Thanks in advance
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    front sight members?

    Are there any other frontsight members on here? I bought a membership like a year and a half ago butI STILL have yet to go take a class. I was thinking that if there are any other members on here maybe we could all go as a group or something.
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    To carry or not to carry....(calling DTOM)

    Tomorrow my girlfriend and I plan on making a trip to submit our paperwork for our CCWs. I'm not thrilled about being required to submit the paperwork, but there are times when I need to be able to legally conceal. So the question is whether or not to open carry to the office. Being as this is a...
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    Here's a feel good video...

    for your enjoyment... and nit picking as well :P https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=q1G1IscWi58
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    Dinner at Lucky's 14 Sep

    Hey everyone, I'm thinking we should have a get together at Lucky's bar/restaurant near cimarron and farm road. It is near Durango and 95 up north. I know it's a little short notice, but I figured I'd give it a go anyway. Who's down?
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    OC in Nevada

    Re: NV OC - how did it go? Spent the day with my girlfriend and went to Sura korean bbq right across the street from american shooters. If you like korean food, THIS is the place to go. Afterwards we went to the Clark County Wetlands Park. Yes, I OCd at a County Park! Not only that, but of all...
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    Las Vegas gun ranges

    Hey guys, what gun ranges do you prefer to go to? Most importantly - why you prefer that particular range? Be it price, location, customer service, etc. I am interested to hear because I am seriously considering opening a range in las vegas that isn't geared towards tourists. Sent from my...
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    Plan on making an OC trip to Area 51? Think again....

    Hi all, as a Navadan i thought i should let you know of my experience OC at the little ale-inn in Rachel Nevada. It is a tourist attraction for people from other states, so I feel it is relevant to CA http://forum.opencarry.org/forums/showthread.php?t=113672 Sent from my SPH-D710 using Tapatalk 2
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    My trip to area 51

    So my girlfriend and i took a few days this weekend to go fly fishing, camping and hiking in the eastern region of NV. We went to catheadral gorge and a few lakes up that way. Overall we had a great time despite the weather. Of course we both had our pistols and i carried in quite a few...
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    2013 NV legislative Session

  15. V

    2A lawyer

    God forbid I ever have to use my firearm for personal defense, but in that event i know that my actions after the fact are cruicial to my future. Of course my first action would be to call 911, the next woukd be to render first aid to my attacker if the scene is safe and until EMS arrives. I...
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    slidin' thru strikes again!

    For your enjoyment The hypocrasy is astounding.
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    statistics please?

    Hey guys, are they any statistics about the successfull use of firearms in the prevention of crime? Or in self defense?
  18. V

    rock and roll marathon?

    No, I'm not planning on running the marathon armed lol but I am manning a water station so I'm wondering if I should go armed. What do you guys think? The station is obviously on public property, but wouldn't Zappos have the say so since they are using the roads and streets for the event? In...
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    What would you have done?

    So I was on my way to work yesterday and stopped at the 7-11 on LVB and Nellis to buy a monster like I do every day. As I walked out I noticed a tall guy (6'3"ish maybe 200 lbs) walking through the parking lot like he had a purpose but I didn't pay him much mind. As I sat in my car I noticed...
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    Need your help with a letter

    So every year our morale club holds a fund raiser at buffalo wild wings in NLV. Buffalo wild wings donates 10% of the food purchases back to our morale club. For me the irony is obvious since we are USAF. How should I approach writing a letter to the morale club? Here is what I have so far...