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  1. J

    Your favorite local small business restaurant that supports open carry post here

    I frequently do business (eat) at a local restaurant named RIB CITY located in American Fork, Utah. We have had several local OPEN CARRY/UTAH CONCEALED CARRY dinners at this location. At the last one I presented the owner/manager with this sign.... it is the lower one of the two. She mounted...
  2. J

    Lockboxes MANDATED by Utah Legislature in Courthouses, Judiciary says "NO"

    Yep, Utah state law requires that for a courthouse to prohibit the carry of firearms or other weapons within the courthouse that a lockbox MUST be provided. The Utah Judiciary REFUSES arguing that since the Judiciary is a CO-EQUAL branch of government (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial) the...
  3. J

    Meet and Greet: Feb 21st at 1930 hrs in American Fork at Rib City

    Hello all, We have been invited AGAIN by the owner of Rib City in American Fork to return again. I have been told that it is my responsibility to set this up, so I am doing so now. Feb 21st at 1930 hours until whenever. And Yes, this definitely is an OC friendly event. This is also posted...
  4. J

    Fed Up 2

    There was a thread started and closed before I found it. Basically, another poster provided a scenero where a lawful vehicle stop had been initiated and the officer "ordered" the driver out of the vehicle for the lofty reason of "officer safety" then proceeds to search the car. He then asked...
  5. J

    Guns Across America Friend or Foe

    I discovered today that the group Guns Across America sponsored a nationwide State capitol protest scheduled for high noon today on Sunday, Jan 19th, 2014. I heard about a similar activity last year and was part of a couple thousand strong group in as I remember 20 degree F and windy...
  6. J

    Federal proposal to require 2/3rds majority vote to impose gun control made by M. Lee

    http://www.unitedliberty.org/articles/13122-mike-lee-will-push-amendment-to-prevent-gun-control-measures Senator Mike Lee of Utah proposes an amendment attatched to a spending bill requiring that ANY gun control legislation be passed by a 2/3rds majority vote. I Like! Oh, yeah, He is one of...
  7. J

    Airport securty Theater DEMONSTRATION

    Need I even say anything?
  8. J

    Highway Thoughts today....

    Saw a bumper sticker but didn't get to read it fully... But it did lead to some thinking by me. The following was my epiphany of the drive--- If your Elected Representatives CHAFE under the restrictions placed upon them by our US CONSTITUTION then it is time that they be REMOVED FROM OFFICE ASAP!
  9. J

    Bike Fest

    In Vegas for bike fest. Anyone interested in a little face to face Saturday someplace? Sent from my Droid using Tapatalk
  10. J

    Gun Control Bumpersticker type comments

    On another firearm related forum I saw a little posting about short phrases that COULD be used for bumper stickers related to Gun Control. Here is the one that I came up with that I like "MOSTEST".... "Gun Control like Prohibiting SOBER driving to Stop DUI's" A version of this is posted on my...
  11. J

    OC today

    So, I am working on a project in my garage with my 1911 OC'd on my hip. I hear a horn honk and see a large Brown delivery truck in front of my house. I go out of the garage into the front yard and I'm greeted by a man in a pair of brown shorts shirt with a package that he hands to me. Then he...
  12. J

    Do we ALREADY have "Constitutional Carry" in Utah?

    First the givens: Utah Constitution is the Supreme law of Utah along with the US Constitution In Utah nothing is illegal UNLESS there is a law making it illegal. Utah Constitution Article 1, section 6 says, "The individual right of the people to keep and bear arms for security and defense of...
  13. J

    OC to Sturgis via Motorcycle

    Hello South Dakota, I am planning on my first trip to Sturgis for the little motorcycle gathering there this year. Any experience with OC via motorcycle on this? I do have a permit to conceal issued by my state of residence so I won't have any issues on that count--- I think. I did a quick...
  14. J

    OCDO/UCC Dinner Dec 4 in American Fork @ Rib City Starting about 8pm

    I am setting up and OCDO and UCC dinner on December 4th to start about 8pm at the American Fork Rib City. Warning-- for those without a carry permit there are 2 different "schools" within 1000 feet that impact this location due to UTAH law--- one is a Beauty School type operation in the same...
  15. J

    Near West Wendover.... NV Concealed Permit Classes

    imported post I apologize if this is already covered but I didn't find it. Does anyone know of a Nevada Firearms Permit Class being taught in or near to West Wendover, NV that Utah residents could attend.... when, where, all details PLEASE!
  16. J

    Open carry in Death Valley area... what do I have to be wary of?

    imported post I am planning a motorcycle trip traversing Death Valley National Park in a couple of days.... IS IT LEGAL TO CARRY IN THE DEATH VALLEY NATIONAL PARK? Restrictions? What about the smaller communities surrounding specifically LONE PINE? Only planning 1 night in the Great Republic...
  17. J

    2nd ammendment Tax

    imported post Here is the EMAIL I just send to the Gov. of Florida. "VETO THE SECOND AMENDMENT TAX created by the confiscation of $6 million from the Division of Licensing Trust Fund. These monies were paid into a fund by individuals to acquire a FLORIDA Concealed weapons permit. These...
  18. J

    Social Security Number Required

    imported post publicsafety.utah.gov/bci/documents/ccwrenew_000.pdf][/url] I see according to the above linked form that a SSN is REQUIRED or they won't process the renewal application. I seem to remember from other postings on this board that it is a Federal Crime or a Title 7(?) violation to...
  19. J

    National Parks located in UTAH

    imported post In light of the recent changes in the Regulations Restricting operable firearms within national parks--- What restrictions currently exist at Utah's National Parks with regard to the possession of a concealled operable firearm by a holder of a valid UTAH concealled Weapons permit...
  20. J

    Enjoyed meeting all

    imported post Glad to have met all that we at the dinner... Enjoyed.... patiently (NOT) waiting for the next.... LOL JoeSparky