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    OC friendly pediatrician in Vegas area?

    Greetings all, I am looking to replace my OC-unfriendly pediatrician with an OC-friendly one. Preferably in the NW valley, but I'd drive to Henderson for the right doc. Any recommendations? Sent from my Xoom using Tapatalk 2
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    Decent Bait-Cam on Woot today.

    http://tech.woot.com/offers/samsung-1080p-hd-camcorder-3 1080p, water and shock resistant, $40. I am thinking this would make a nice bait camera. It gives the storm troopers something to do while your spy cam gets the real action. Just a heads up for those that don't like getting their phone...
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    Anyone want a job at Metro?

    https://lvmpd.peopleadmin.com/pools/1122 Job Class Title: Firearms Specialist Definition: To provide remedial firearms and safety training for all individuals armed with Department firearms; to instruct Department employees in the proper use of firearms; to repair and maintain Department...
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    DUI Checkpoint Friday Night

    Blue Diamond & Decatur http://m.lvsun.com/news/2012/aug/28/metro-plans-sobriety-checkpoint-overnight-friday/ Not specifically OC related, but a general liberty related event. I wish I could make it, but I will be out of town. Get some good videos! Sent from my Xoom using Tapatalk 2
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    Fremont Street Tonight, 8/4 9pm

    http://calendar.reviewjournal.com/las_vegas_nv/events/show/259317925-freemont-street-festival-bret-michaels I'm planning to go down to see this free show tonight, and will be OC. I'm not trying to organize an official meetup per se, but if anyone else happens to show up OC, you'll have...
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    Thank You! Cards for non-anti-firearms merchants

    Ok, so I posted this in another thread, but I thought I should give it it's own thread here, because I know several people have asked about it. I had some of these run off to give out to merchants who do NOT have anti-firearm policies posted. They can be had for pretty cheap at VistaPrint.com...
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    AZ OC Pamphlet?

    Hey yall, Has anyone from the AZ crew managed to put together a cheat sheet with the relevant laws for AZ? Something like the one we have in the NV forum would be great: http://forum.opencarry.org/forums/showthread.php?45415-Nevada-(Open)-Carry-Pamphlet I like the trifold, but anything will...
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    Maybe OT - Last night...why we own guns

    So last night I went over to RedRock to watch the fireworks. I took my Radio so I could listed to the Police Dispatch in the area, since I figured it would be interesting given the holiday and all. So I get over to the area near RedRock, and there are cops everywhere, directing traffic...
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    DUI Checkpoint on West Sahara?

    There is a DUI Checkpoint somewhere in the west valley tonight, if anyone is interested. I heard about it while listening to NW dispatch, but they didn't say where it was. I tried to find a public announcement of it, but try as I might, I can't seem to find it. Best I could find was a fluff...
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    Recording at the RJC?

    OK, so this will be a brief post followed by more details later when I have a full keyboard at my disposal. Let me precede my long write-up with a simple question. Is anyone aware of any statute that regulates the use of recording devices at the RJC? I am only referring to the public hallways...
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    CERT Class Open Carry

    Ok, get ready for what I'm sure will be a wall of text. So tonight was the first night of my 6-week CERT course (nvcert.org). I put some careful consideration into it, and I decided to open carry to the class. I also got pre-authorization to bring my 9yr old son. The instructor (via email)...
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    Community Center vs Daycare?

    With Spring Break this week, my offspring are attending the neighborhood Community Center (city of Las Vegas). So, normally, I would assume that a community rec center would fall under "public building", but in this case, is it a daycare center, for carry purposes? Opinions? Sent from my...
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    Brinks carrying on School Property?

    So, I was picking up my kid today for a dentist appointment, and while I was sitting in the school office waiting (flashbacks!), Brinks showed up to collect bux from the lunchroom and such, and he was carrying his firearm. This puzzled me, because as far as I know, ONLY LEOs can carry on School...
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    Recording Hardware

    As I was catching up on posts, it occured to me that we could use some suggestions on recording hardware/software. Everybody has a phone that can record video and audio nowadays, but sometimes, you need to be more discreet than holding up a phone. I have seen various websites that have...
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    OC on RTC Public Transportation (Need Update!)

    Hey yall, THe recent post about OC on RTC in Reno got me thinking about OC on RTC Busses in Las Vegas. I went back and dug up the original threads from Nevada Carrier, but I wasn't able to locate a final policy statement from the RTC. Here's the last update that I saw...