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  1. J

    NH House votes to repeal stand your ground law

    The bill passed the house by a close vote of 189-184. Hopefully the right leaning senate will strike it down. "This is about us employing reason rather than passion," said state Rep. Steve Vaillancourt, R-Manchester. "Are we a safer society in which every man and woman can shoot first in a...
  2. J

    Confronted Again At The Seabrook, NH Sam's Club

    Yup, I was confronted again for walking through the store carrying openly. They have pretty good timing too considering it was about a year ago when I last had an issue with an employees at Sam's. So it all started when I was on my way out and I went into the restroom and when I came out, there...
  3. J

    Farmington, NH man arrested after stopping burglary

    :cuss: small town cops, who think they own the town. I thought NH adopted the castle doctrine? I guess it would of been better if he just went and killed the guy. I don't know of any legal defense funds, but if anyone knows anything about one, I'd love to donate to his defense. Simply...
  4. J

    Another Rochester Area Gun Store Bans In Store Carry?

    So I went to a relatively new gun store in the area, Coyote Creek Outfitters in Rochester, NH on Rt. 11, and saw the sign next to their front door saying "No Loaded Firearms Beyond This Point" :banghead: . If you go there it's pretty obvious to see. So being the concerned gun owner that I am, I...
  5. J

    Gov. Lynch vetoes SB-88

    Yesterday, Gov. Lynch vetoed SB-88 which would have been a important self defense bill to NH citizens. It's a little disappointing, but kind of expected considering Lynch's history :banghead:. I haven't heard why he vetoed it, but I'm sure it's a reason we would all be to differ with. A veto...
  6. J

    Open Carry Incident In Gorham, NH. Law Enforcement Involved.

    Well, I have been debating about whether or not to post this on here, but I suppose we all learn from our mistakes, and the mistakes of others. I'm going to recall the events of that night to the best of my ability, play by play, and in the order that they happened. I hope people can learn from...
  7. J

    Open Carry Creates Anti-gunners?

    Apparently it depends who you ask. I was way up in Northern NH last weekend, and did some target shooting. I brought up the topic of Open Carry with a local and he said that open carry creates more anti gunners than supporters of the right to carry both concealed or openly. He also stated that...
  8. J

    Open Carry Incident In Seabrook Sam's Club

    I went to Sams in Seabrook today and went inside, and the door greeter didn't have a problem with me OCing, or at least he did say anything. After I got some lunch, I went and got a cart, and there was a different "greeter" there. He said I needed to cover it up because it isn't legal to carry...
  9. J

    Handgun Training Courses?

    I had a rather heated debate with my family today about carrying a handgun, and I heard a lot of the anti gunner lines that the antis pump out from my family members :banghead: and I realized that they should probably take a gun course, so they could be educated on the proper way guns work and...
  10. J

    First Open Carry Experience

    I recently started to open carry, and my first stop was Hannafords in Rochester and it was generally positive. I also went to the Rite Aid in town and was complimented for carrying open. I carry a Ruger Super Blackhawk (6.5 inch barrel), and it sure gets attention. I know it is a rather large...