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    for sale

    deleted. sorry for breaking the rule. Now I know..
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    HELP with Smith & Wesson 460 XVR Magnum

    I live in the Phoenix metro and have contacted shooters world (both locations) caswells in Mesa, and Scottsdale Gun Club and nobody has a 460 revolver to rent. I'd like to shoot one to see if my hand can handle it before I buy one. Anybody here care to go shooting. I'll pay you or you can shoot...
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    Nevada QUIT honoring the AZ CCW (again)?

    It looks like Nevada has chosen to once again NOT honor an AZ CCW. Is this true or false? TIA Bob
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    Id like to share these NO GUNS = NO MONEY business cards

    is there a way to post a "sticky" with it on it or something. Please email me and let me know. thanks Bob One side of the card shows the gun with the red circle and line through it, an EQUALS = sign and then a $ (dollar sign) with red line and circle through it. other side says: As a...
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    NO guns card

    you need to buy Avery #8877 two sided business cards at office max this is in word 2003 if you want me to send you the file, email me back channel with your direct email address. If a moderator sees this....I'd GLADLY send you the file and you could maybe post it as a "sticky" Bob here is the...
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    when is next O.C. dinner in PHoenix Metro?

    Sorry if this is posted elsewhere. I have been unable to find it and have been poking around for about an hour. I'd like to attend another OC dinner the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale metro in Nov or Dec 2010. TIA Bob
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    when &where is the next OC dining out event in the Phoenix metro area?

    Any more events planned? where and when? TIA Bob