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    Colt AR-15 from Puerto Rico

    I moved to Puerto Rico over a year ago, since then I purchased an LE6920 while here as I have license/ Carry permit here in Puerto Rico, I also have my Connecticut permit, which I changed my address as per required before moving here, I find that I might be moving back as the job situation is...
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    Problem in Puerto Rico

    moved to puerto rico. if this goes here but move if not, looking to find out if my license is one involved in this problem and where can I check? http://caribbeanbusinesspr.com/news/lawyer-busted-in-$1.8m-gun-scheme-92128.html
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    Carry license fraud allegedly in Puerto Rico

    Seems some licenses acquired at certain place in Bayamon are fraudulent anyone know how to check this or have any updated news?
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    Shiiping weapons to Puerto Rico

    As I will be moving there and have applied for my License there, while that is in process, the Store there said they can hold my weapons until everything is finished as when I move I will not be sending them with my furniture, but I have been to 2 different stores here in CT and they said they...
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    When moving out of State permit question

    Obviously I will notify the State Police when this happens, but when I move out of the state of CT, what happens to my just renewed CT permit, does it get converted to non resident permit or do I lose it?
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    Permit process started

    Just applied last week for license, that would allow unlimited range access and weapons and ammo, counting down patiently 120 days. Expensive but oh well :-)
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    Permit renewal

    Going for renewal the first time today, figured it was easier as a walk in, I am according to the form, I will need I'd and the money that is it to go to the State Police Barracks to do this, they will take my picture there?
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    Moving to Puerto Rico 2013

    I am planning a move to Puerto Rico next year, can I keep my current CT permit if not what can I do as I am not moving forever, will probably be back and forth for some time and can use my brothers CT address if needed. or would I have to changeto a non resident.
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    Renewal Process in CT

    can someone tell me what happens when it is time to renew, do you have to go thru the same thing as initial permit process?
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    Positive Stop recorded and Shared Online

    I not sure if this was already posted but I thought it was a positive thing, hopefully this link will work, if not copy from http to end of number 42010 and paste to inbternet browser...
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    Thanks for the new Forum

    I wanted to be the first to offer thanks for the new Forum specifying Puerto Rico, as i plan on moving there someday and looking to find out all that can be known regarding carry whether it be open or concealed, as I have nothing against open carry but rather keep low and conceal to not alarm...
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    Temporary Move Question

    I am thinking of going to Puerto Rico for 3 or 4 months I have a house there, I have Connecticut permit, I will be leaving my guns here in the Bolted floor safe that they are in now, and locked up in my house here, do I hve to change my permit to non resident and inform of the temporary move? or...
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    Would be Mugger Stopped!

    imported post NEW HAVEN (AP) -- New Haven police say a would-be mugger pulled a knife, but the intended victim had a gun and shot the suspect twice in thechest. Authorities say the 40-year-old man who was shot early Monday afternoon on Wooster Place near Columbus Park is hospitalized in...
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    Pistol Class in Spanish

    imported post I have a friend who's Father was assaulted in a " Home Invasion" in Ecuador, she said he is here now abut refuses to be afraid to go back and let the thieves intimidate him and his wife, so he plans on getting a weapon and going back home. he would be getting the weapon there. I...
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    Asked for permit for purchase of Ammo

    imported post Be aware any purchases of Ammo in Walmart in West Haven you will be asked to produce permit, so keep it with you.
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    Holster for new S&W 686 4" suggestions

    imported post I am looking for holster for new revolver that I really like and would like to start CCW with it. I am 5'10 171 lbs waist between 31 and 33 when full and right handed. as the weather is changing can someone who has one suggest a good holster as I do not want to buy and try, then...
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    Buying a Walther PPK/S 380

    imported post I am picking up a used Walther PPK/S this week, any comments on reliability and reputation here. It will be backup carry to my G27
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    Visting Richomind

    imported post I wll be visiting Richmond the beginning of August, I never OC my dad lives there, and i have CT permit and PA non resident, I am assuming it is okay to OC there has anyone had problem in this town, are there areas to stay away from OCing,
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    Sent in app for New Hampshire non resident today

    imported post finally got around to sending in my application today, with copy of my CT, and the fee, how long normally does it take?
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    Pawn Shops in CT that sell Used Firearms

    imported post Are their any Pawn shops that still sell used firearms, as I am looking to start a Colt Revolver collection, fair priced, with papers and original boxes, I am looking for Pythons 2.5" 4" 6"