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  1. Hardbuck90

    OT - Tough Mudder

    Tough Mudder is coming to Washington for the first time in september, is anyone planning on participating?
  2. Hardbuck90

    Courthouse procedure

    I thought I was fairly familiar with the rcw's but is a court supposed to leave the key to the lockbox with me when I check a firearm?
  3. Hardbuck90

    Being Disarmed / Hypothetical

    This is purely for interpretation at this point but is my belief that it could / should be used in the future. Say you have been Terry stopped for OC'ing and an officer want's to disarm you for "officer safety" now we all know the stop is illegal to begin with and I forgot the exact case but...
  4. Hardbuck90

    New member / New OC'er

    Howdy fellas, been reading here for a few weeks but I just signed up and let me say thanks to all of you. I've learned a lot in a short amount of time and I will be prepared now :cool: