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  1. Gary S

    Broken Arrow and Tulsa area lunch/meeting

    Ok OKOCA, we are having a lunch/meeting on Sunday June the 22nd at Apple Barrel Cafe in Broken Arrow. I'd like to see many people attend. We plan on having a great lunch as well as some good information about up coming events. If you have Facebook please confirm if you are going. If you need any...
  2. Gary S

    Open carry lunch/get together for tulsa/broken arrow area 1/25

    Ok everyone. Let's have pizza!!! January 25, at 2:00pm at hideaway pizza. The address is 1150 n 9th street broken arrow. It's been a while so let's see as many people as possible. Please invite your friends and family and as always, all children are welcome. I hope to see you all there...
  3. Gary S

    Tulsa area get together.

    I'm thinking of having another get together for tulsa area. What would you all like? OKOCA Board Member Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Gary S

    Muskogee and surrounding area lunch/dinner get together- 8/10 at 4:00pm

    Ok muskogee friends please join us for a lunch/dinner get together at the Golden Corral located at 423 west Shawnee street at 4:00pm. There phone number is 918-682-4660. we will have shirts, decals, no gun=no money cards as well as membership form's. I will be attending from Broken Arrow so I...
  5. Gary S

    Tulsa, Broken Arrow Open Carry Dinner 7/27

    Ok folks, I'm happy to announce Broken Arrow's and Tulsa's very first open carry dinner. Yes that's right I said dinner. Please join us on Saturday, July 27th at Uncle Bucks in the Bass Pro Shop. From 5:00pm to 9:00pm. The address is 101 Bass Pro Drive, Broken Arrow. Phone number is...
  6. Gary S

    Tulsa, Broken Arrow Open Carry Lunch

    It's that time again everyone. Please join us at Knotty Pine for a good lunch and get together Sat the 29th at 3:00. we will have shirts, decals, no gun=no money cards and membership form's as well. I hope to see you all out there.
  7. Gary S

    Tulsa, Broken Arrow Open Carry Lunch 5/26

    Ok everyone its that time again. Sunday, May 26 at knotty pine bbq at 2:00 open carry lunch and get together. I also plan on letting everyone know where we are at on the tulsa park preemption rally. Hope to see you all there.
  8. Gary S

    question about sighting in.

    I just bought a Remington 770 bolt action 300 win mag. I have never really done any rifle sighting because I've mainly had just hand guns. Any rifle I've shot before was already set up. I was wondering if there is anyone out there that is experienced doing such that would be willing to go to the...
  9. Gary S

    Tulsa, Broken Arrow Open Carry Lunch 2/17

    Ok guys, we now have our lunch rescheduled. We will be at Knotty Pine Bbq in broken arrow on February the 17th at 12:00. Bring your friends and family all are welcome. I look forward to seeing everyone there.
  10. Gary S

    ammo please?

    Does anyone know where there still is some 9mm and 22 ammo in stock still. I promised my son some son and dad shooting time during his school winter break, but need more ammo to have my supply replenished. Ill buy from any one who may have some stock piled and wouldn't mind selling some. Thank you.
  11. Gary S

    Tulsa, Broken Arrow Open Carry Lunch 1/19

    Tulsa, Broken Arrow and surrounding areas. We will be holding an Open Carry get together-lunch. January. 19,2013 at 12:00pm. We will meet again at Knotty Pine Bbq (1424 West Kenosha Street, Broken Arrow. 918-258-0005) Please feel free to bring your friends and family.
  12. Gary S

    spreading the word

    My wife is a property manager for two senior living buildings in sapulpa. Friday she went to a OHA meeting and they had a tulsa sheriff there to talk about open carry, she told me he was extremely vague on the subject and that she had known more just from what i had shared with her. Well Friday...
  13. Gary S

    Broken arrow meet and greet - Dec. 15th

    Broken Arrow open carry meet and greet. Saturday, December 15th 12:00pm At Knotty Pine BBQ (1424 West Kenosha St Broken Arrow) All are welcome. Just a gathering of open carriers meeting fellow open carriers in the broken arrow, tulsa area. Feel free to bring your friends and family.
  14. Gary S

    Broken Arrow Area meet and greet

    I am in the process of getting a meet and greet going for the broken arrow area. So far, aside from my self, there are a couple of others willing to show for this. There is no permanent day or time yet, as it is just now in the works and everyone's schedule is diffierent. For now if you think...
  15. Gary S

    Broken Arrow Area

    Since reading thru the last days of posts im seeing a lot more members of this forum are broken arrow residents. My son and i are planning to do some shooting this weekend, just our 22 and my carry pistol 9. My son seems to really want to go which im excited about, I've been waiting for him to...
  16. Gary S


    Happy thanksgiving to everyone, be safe and enjoy.
  17. Gary S

    any thing in tulsa area

    Does any one know if there are any plans for any open carry get together events in the tulsa area coming up soon, and if not who would be the one to get in touch with for getting something going. I was just wondering. Thanks.
  18. Gary S

    any good advice please

    My wife has come a long way with guns. From "no absolutely not" to "how many guns can one shoot at a time?" she knew i was looking forward to open carry from the day it was signed into law, only she thought i would continue to conceal carry. I have had her read the open carry argument that is...
  19. Gary S

    weekend rang time

    next weekend range time Is there anyone in the tulsa area that plans on doing some shooting this up coming weekend? I thought i might go to 2A gun range and club. Maybe we can meet up there anyone. Let me know, thanks. Ok maybe i did not give enough time maybe we can set something up for next...
  20. Gary S

    conversations at Dr office today

    I went to my appointment at Dr mosses office at southside medical in tulsa. I have been going there every month for the last two years and noticed new computer made printed signs that read, "no weapons allowed at this facility!" so i asked about the reason behind it the conversations were as...