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  1. Comm

    Is Dayton a firearm restricted city?

    They showed us a print out showing that is was illegal for a person living in the city limits of "Dayton" to buy, sell, transfer, etc.. any long gun and to transport it across State lines. It might have been an ATF paper, but I didn't see anything on the header. They just showed us that he...
  2. Comm

    Is Dayton a firearm restricted city?

    Sportsman Warehouse in Lexington
  3. Comm

    Is Dayton a firearm restricted city?

    My Son in law and I went to Sportsman warehouse to look around. They had a Savage .308 that caught his eye and decided to buy it. He gave them his Ohio CCW and Ohio driver license. About 30 minutes later, the salesman came back with a paper saying he could not buy the rifle due to him living in...
  4. Comm

    Dominant eye

    Hi all, I have been shooting for many years. Handguns, Rifle with and without scopes, shotguns and bows. I am right handed and habe always shot this way. Recently I have noticed my aim is low right, and for the life of could not figure out why. Then at a class to teach kids how to shoot bows, we...
  5. Comm

    Problem with holster

    I have a retention holster that I use along with my S&W M&P 40 caliber. The problem I'm having is that the holster is rubbing the finish off the top of the slide. Does anyone know what can be done to prevent this, other than getting a different holster. Thanks, Comm
  6. Comm

    Question about Armored carriers

    I work for an Armored car service, and we make trips from Lexington KY to Cincinnati every day on our way to the Federal Reserve and several banks in Cincinnati. We are always OC armed while in these buildings. We have company uniforms and ID badges. Question I have, being from KY, is it legal...
  7. Comm

    Sites for news on gun bills

    Anybody have any good sites where you go to keep "accurate" tabs on the gun bills? The ones they have here seem to be spotty, with several definitions of what they are proposing. Also, I would greatly appreciate feedback on how you think this will play out? I heard from one news analyst that he...
  8. Comm

    Maker's Mark bottles

    I have several of the Maker's Mark bottles, (FULL) that have different wax colors. I have the original UK blue wax, white wax (with the denim label), Green wax mint Julip, and a special Gold wax 101 proof (NOT the VIP square bottle) Bill Samuel himself said this is only sold overseas. I got it...
  9. Comm

    Anybody contacted Andy Barr yet?

    Just wondering if anybody in the 6th District has contacted Andy Barr, our new representative in Washington yet? I just sent him a long e-mail asking him to Oppose the AWB.
  10. Comm

    How will this play out?

    Depending on what Obama says today in his gun control speech, what do you think will become of it? I know the last gun control bill didn't work at all, and basically got dropped, but if Di Fi in Commiefornia re-writes her gun ban law, I'm sure that they will cover the missed items that were...
  11. Comm

    Legal question

    OK, I have been here for a while, and have gotten many good answers to questions. But, here is one that has bothered me for some time. It's a long story, and I hope I don't bore you with the details... I was working as a Maintenance supervisor at an apartment complex in Lexington many years...
  12. Comm

    Selling a firearm

    I think this has been mentioned a few times, and I tried the search option but it didn't help much so here is my question. Is there any legal requirements to selling a firearm in Ky? Do I just hand the guy a pistol, and he hand me the money, and that's it? I know that Firearms are not...
  13. Comm

    Is anyone else getting hassled over the "Martin vs Zimmerman" case?

    OK, this may be long wined but here goes.. I needed to go to Walmart Friday night and pick up some food, so I put my Ruger SR40C in my Paddle holster and went in. I have done this many times and no one has given me a second look. I wlaked through many isles with a cart, and finally went to check...
  14. Comm

    Brannon Crossing shooting range now open

    I stopped by the new store yesterday, and spoke with the owner. The Sember Fi gun shop opened yesterday, and the shooting range will be open today. Nice facility. I'm going to load up my range bag tomorrow and visit.
  15. Comm

    Need some answers

    Ok, guys, I need some good answers... I have had my CCW for many years now, and for the most part never put my primary weapon on till I was ready to leave the house. My family knew this, and my wife and kids, (now 17, and 18) knew that I carried, but never told anyone. I have started to wear...
  16. Comm

    Toyota in Georgetown

    Any know if the Toyota plant is considered "Foreign soil" and does not allow weapons in your car? I have a friend who just got his CCW and just got a job there, and during his ordination, told the people that any kind of weapon was not allowed in their parking lot because of it being considered...
  17. Comm

    Doomsday Preppers

    Guys, I know there is a forum on another site, but I wanted to get the feel for what us Good Ole KY boys would do in the event of a natural disaster. Most of us have been stocking up on ammo, and some of us have been stocking up on food and water, which is a good thing to have, but I've been...
  18. Comm

    Gun show this weekend. Jan. 7-8

    Anyone going to the gun show in Lexington this weekend? It would be nice to put some faces with the names here. I plan on attending on Saturday to look for some mags. Hope to see some of you there.
  19. Comm

    This is how it should be

    *Congressional Reform Act of 2011* 1. No Tenure / No Pension. A Congressman/woman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they're out of office. 2. Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security. All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to...
  20. Comm

    Saw my first "No Concealled Weapon" sign

    I was with my oldest daughter searching for a car for her, when we stopped at Don Jacobs in Lexington. After we test drove a new VW Jetta, the salesman told us to pull the car next to the service bay. Upon exiting, I saw the sign with No Conceal Weapons allowed posted on the bay door. I pointed...