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    Pathetic Police at Stilly Festival of the River

    Well, rode the bike down to the festival today with the wife after swimming in our hole. Threw my PF9 into a IWB on my shorts (no shirt) before we went. Was hot, and the PF9 is annoying in a pocket of my shorts. While we were there two police came up to us about 40 minutes in and one said...
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    Seattle Times article by Neal Peirce

    imported post http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/opinion/2011810446_peirce09.html What a :cuss: Neal Peirce / Syndicated columnist World's mayors united in appeal to curb spread of firearms International law could be used to curb the torrent of U.S.-made pistols, rifles and assault...
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    Trijicon is an awesome company...

    imported post http://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/us-military-weapons-inscribed-secret-jesus-bible-codes/story?id=9575794 freaking ridiculous... get a grip people! how sad the mentality has become today...
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    Enough, enough. Picnic time is now..

    imported post I apologize for getting up in arms about this, I am just frustrated about the whole issue. I just want to see an honest effort without the scaredy cats involved.
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    Centennial Trail (Snohomish)

    imported post Yesterday my wife and I rode our bikes on the trail from Snohomish north. On the way there were a few signs, and they had a no guns logo on them. I don't  see how they have the right to do that? I carried anyway, but it made me frustrated to see that.
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    Deep Concealment BUG?

    imported post I am looking for a deep concealment back up gun.. something I can keep in an ankle holster or other. I was thinking of getting an LCP, but I am worried that I should be spending more money on something better like a SW642. Any recommendations? Thanks Chris
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    My OC in North Cascades... NP...

    imported post This weekend some of the family and I hiked from Rainy Pass on HW20 to Stehikin on Lake Chelan. It was a great hike, good weather most of the way. I OC'd as usual (Glock20), and I have never had a problem (even in NPs.) We passed four groups of people on the trail, they never took...
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    Concealable Retention Belt Holster for my Glock?

    imported post Anyone have a recomendation? I'm looking for a retention holster that is concealable and tucks next to my body as close as possible. Oh, and it has to be an OWB. I like the design of the Sidearmor and Blackhawk Serpa for my Glock20, but when I wear them it sticks out from my...
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    New SideArmor light holster

    imported post Sidearmor.com had a drawing and I won :). They gave me a Kydex paddle holster for the glock20 (light bearing) and a Insight Procyon light. I had ordered a light holster for my FiveSeven a while back, so this was a nice surprise. I really like both of the holsters. They have...
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    Wife angry at my OC/CC...

    imported post I CC most of the time, and OC depending on where I go, but my wife gets really angry with me over it... Anyone else have this problem? She tells me that she feels uneasy with me carrying. I don't understand. (I got my CPL right after we got married...) I tell her that I will do...
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    Holster for FiveSeven w/ streamlight?

    imported post Hey I am looking for a retention holster for my FiveSeven with a TLR-2 attatched. There are only two I can find, one an open top paddle holster and the other has a button strap, but doesn't look very strong. I prefer paddle holsters. Any recomendations? Thanks Chris