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    Anyone have any numbers?

    We all know that it is illegal to OC in Denver, what I'm wondering, though, is if anyone has any statistics showing how many people have been ticketed or arrested for OC? And, has it just been for OC or was there some other underlying crime? It seems I recall when the law went to the Colorado...
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    Jacket Weather

    With Winter here, a lot of us find it hard to OC because our jacket, fleece, etc. can end up covering our weapon and if we don't have a CCW, that can lead to bad juju. Some people suggest getting a drop-leg holster and going that route, but others feel that might be a little to mall-ninja for...
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    Boulder County Buildings

    "Interesting point — I went to Planet Boulder to get my motorcycle registration renewed yesterday and found a new sign on the county building door...NO OPEN CARRY. Once the sign said no guns, then the sign went away, and now it's no open carry. As I said, interesting." -Michael Bane Would...
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    First Time OC in Eagle County

    Well, it's been a bit of a long haul for me. I lost my right to carry for two years due to a misdemeanor traffic violation and finally got them and my drivers license back. I mention the driver's license because I live within 1000' of a school and was not going to open carry the couple of...
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    A Quick Question on Purchasing

    I try to keep abreast of all the gun laws in CO. but every now and then I run into something I haven't heard before. I was aware that you cannot get your CCW if you have two alcohol related offenses on your record in the space of 10 years but, in talking with the owner of a gun store, he said...
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    imported post Quick question to all. I've been reading the open carry entries from other states that surround us and I've noticed that the Utahians? Utahites? Shifty desert folk? have a pamphlet made up of the relevant laws for their state.Granted, their state has more byzantine laws than our...