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    New to Southern Arkansas

    I moved to AR almost a year ago, and just last month I bought my first house. I understand It is legal to OC on my property, the issue I have is that I live directly across the street from the local high school. Is there any distance/zoning issue I may run into OCing so close to a public school...
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    OC during the DNC

    Is anyone here planning any OC events or meetup/luncheon during the DNC?
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    S/N missing

    I know this isnt the best place to ask this due to it being open for everyone to read, but I also know I get the best answers here too... I have this friend... lets call him "Fred". Fred bought a really nice Kimber 1911 about 2 yrs ago from a local pawn shop. it was a used gun. Well Fred never...
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    Protesting the DNC

    http://www.foxcharlotte.com/news/top-stories/DNC-Protesters-Could-Be-Armed-During-Convention-149331895.html Anybody here protesting? will you be armed if you do? Will you OC or CC?
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    FYI Don't Buy Tannerite in Bulk if You Don't Want the ATF Knocking on Your Door

    Every weekend a bunch of my friends get together for some shooting fun out in Rowan County. Somebody usually brings a few pounds of tannerite with them, but its actual "Tannerite" packages in 1lb cans. Well that crap is is ~$10 a lbs.... can get expensive. So being the little genious that I am I...
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    Carry laws for suppressors?

    Well I'm getting more back from taxes than I thought so I'm getting myself a suppressor, not sure about anything more than that. ie, type caliber pistol/rifle stuff like that. I'm wondering about the laws (if there any) about carrying/transporting weapons with the suppressor attached. Now...
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    Bar Owner/Workers OCing on the clock

    Gotta question for the much more educated than I. My buddy owns a local bar and due to a recent outbrak of crimes he now carries openly while inside as well as one of the bartenders. Of course I'm all for it. But he was telling me the loops he had to go through to make that happen. He said since...
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    Freedom Fest Rally

    The Rowan Tea Party Patriots is a hosting a rally in Salisbury this Saturday. I'm not 100% sure if I can OC at the event. It's a "Rally" but could it be considered a protest? the link below is from the Salisbury Post this morning. I think I should be good, just thought I'd ask the peanut gallery...
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    OC/ Shooting in National Forest

    Hey everybody! I'm staying in Loveland CO for a month while I attend UXO school. I have heard that it is OK to shoot anywhere within the National forest as long as you are smart about it, ie. shoot into a backstop, clean up, dont damage anything. I've been searching for "rules" or "laws" that...
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    Am I missing something here?

    is there a law or some other reason as to why almost everybody on here removes their gun from their person while in a car? there is at least 1 thread asking where everybody puts their gun when getting in a car. if you OC on your hip, when you sit in a car, it's still OC'ed. I've read posts about...
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    Driving through

    In April I will be driving through Kansas. from the map it looks like I will be on I-70 the entire time. Will I have any issues carrying openly anywhere on this route? thank for your help!
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    planning a trip to Colorado

    Hey everybody! I currently live in NC where OC is perfectly legal w/o any type of permit. I do not have a CCW, CHP, etc. I am planning a trip to Loveland in a few weeks. I will be there for about a month for school. can I get help with a brief overview about y'alls state laws for OCing? this is...
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    overheard convo at gun show

    I was at the C & E gun show today in Charlotte. walking around getting prices and ooh and ahhing like everyone else. As I walked past the GRNC booth I heard one of their reps/volunteers/workers say to a person "if you have a CCW then you MUST conceal the gun." I was more taken back in...
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    Do I HAVE to show ID?

    I know when dealing with law enforcement while CCing you are required to show ID and permit. but NC is not a "stop and identify" state. so if I'm stopped and questioned by LEOs while open carrying, do I have to show ID if they ask? hypothetical scenario: open carrying pistol on hip while...