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    OC in NOLA

    I saw another thread about this but I wanted to make my own and ask a bit more extensively. I am travelling to NOLA in the near future and have seen many bad things that have occurred in this town. For personal protection, I will be bringing my handgun with me and I want to know how many of you...
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    WTB Pistol

    I'm just looking for a cheap reliable pistol somewhere around western KY. I can't buy from a store as I'm not 21, so if you guys know of anything for sale by private owner, let me know!
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    First Time OCing!

    My father gifted me a 22 revolver and holster and I had been waiting to try out carrying it around. Woke up in the morning and decided on breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Crap, no signs or anything out front but apparently company policy is that you cannot open carry inside "for the children." I...
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    Quick Question

    To drive to Nashville and back from Kentucky, do I need a permit or is it allowed to carry with me, in my vehicle, a shotgun or rifle, loaded or unloaded? Thanks.
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    Gunshow This Weekend!

    Saturday and Sunday 9-5 there is a gun show at Trader's Flea Market in Paducah, KY. Map is here. I'll be there, can anyone else make it out here and maybe have a meetup? I'll be buying my first pistol :)
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    OCing in Winter

    In summer I would probably just strap to my belt, but with winter coming along, how is the best way to OC when wearing a jacket? I'm sure I haven't thought of everything, so if you guys could just give a little rundown on holsters and holster location possibilities, it would be great. Thanks!
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    A Pleasant Surprise! OC Gun Suggestions?

    I am new to the forum. I'm 20 years old and live in Murray, KY. Yesterday, I was riding in my father's pickup truck. When we got to the destination he told me to go back to town and pick up a few things. In the truck he had two rifles, a shotgun, and my bow. I asked him if it was alright for me...