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    Friend or foe? allow carry or not?

    List the places that allow or bar carry here!
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    out of state non resident permits

    I really appreciate all the work OCT did for getting open carry passed and its my hopes they will unite and try to get Oklahoma and Texas constitutional carry. We really need a good org here and it would be great to have help getting it passed here. With that in mind I have to ask though as I...
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    Ready for open carry?

    So now that it appears Open Carry will at last come to Texas who all is getting an Open Carry holster? Whos getting a new handgun for open carry and what kind and brands?
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    State Line Walk

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    Bill making its way through.

    Watching the news today I see where there is now a possibility of passing a bill allowing partial online courses. Partial being of course you still have to contact a firearms instructor to take the live fire portion of the test. This is in my opinion not going to be good for most people as the...
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    looking good!

    Well it Appears that our state as well as the country is coming alive. I am glad to see that there are great bills not only in Oklahoma but in Texas and on the state level. MDA has been backed in to the corner with so many losses and not one single legitamit win anywhere that does anything for...
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    How often do you train?

    I went to a few ranges around Oklahoma and have noticed that the different ranges offer various facilities based upon the range. My question is how serious are my fellow Open Carriers? How often do you train and research techniques and stay up to date on trending criminal activities? What do you...
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    Just curious to see how many participants we have that take part in IDPA events? I know Oil Capitol puts them on from time to time!
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    open carry norman

    Went to cicis today around noon and saw an oc in cicis. Awesome job if it was you!
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    ideas to promote Open Carry

    Just curious but what ideas would you have to promote open carry in Oklahoma more? Its so rare now that I would love to see more promotion.
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    flashlights in Tulsa

    Ive read where people have asked about flashlights. Recently i went to oklahoma police supply in Tulsa and to my amazement the technology has came down in price while the quality went up. How many of my fellow okies have trained with a flashlight? If you havent then you should check out special...
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    What was your first gun you shot and how old?

    When I was 15 it was 1991 I shot a smith and wesson model 681 for the first time. Having never shot a gun in my life I was not sure what to expect. I walked in to the range a scared teenager and came out an avid firearms lover for life. What is your story?
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    soda pops

    Having dinner at soda pops in oklahoma city. The firearms welcome sign looks great on the door!
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    I just wanted to share that Kroger has been an amazing company to stand up for whats right despite some of the most vial and filthy tactics thrown against them. Whats every one else thoughts on Krogers standing strong?
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    How many times have you saw an O.C.

    Seeing how its still a very rare sight to see I think I have seen maybe 3 outside of Open Carry events? How many times have you saw an open carrier outside of events?
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    Ferguson Grand Jury

    Well it appears they have made a decision in the case. Lets hope no matter what that decision is people can act civilized! (Yes I know its not Oklahoma but this has far reaching potential)
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    Quiet lately

    Back when Open Carry first passed you could not keep up with all the post flying off the shelf. Seems these days both OKOCA and the boards are very very quiet. What happened to all the excitement?
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    In Oklahoma if you carry past a no firearms permitted its not criminal however you can be asked to leave. I am curious what the laws are for carrying in Lousiana (Cant spell sorry) Is it criminal or just get asked to leave? What about open carry?
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    still moderated?

    I was told once that the forum doesn't allow hateful and derogitory post. I've reported some and no on moderates anymore. Have the threads became a free for all?
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    Women on Target

    I got to help out at a women on target event yesterday and we had over 104 women show up. Many had Carry permits and were misinformed by various agencies of the SDA laws. Many more became interested and signed up for carry permit classes. It is amazing how many of them came in not knowing the...