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  1. K

    Flying with Firearms, first timer

    Hello Folks, I'm flying to Phoenix from Denver soon, then back to Denver. I've never flown with firearms before. I'm a little nervous about this, as I've heard horror stories. Like gun got lost, confiscated by TSA or LEO, stolen by baggage handlers, etc. What are your experiences flying with...
  2. K

    9News CO Gun Law Article

    Saw this on 9news tonight. Not too bad, a few errors though. http://m.9news.com/topstory/article?a=279467&f=1272 Blessings, Keens
  3. K

    Carry on Corps of Engineers property?

    Hi Folks, We are leaving to hit the road soon to Wisconsin and I've got an issue. My fiancée finally told me where we are camping and the campground is on Army Corps of Engineers property. Ugh, now I wonder if I gotta leave my sidearm at home. I'm pretty bummed, but I really hope CC is okay...
  4. K

    Road Trips This Summer

    Hello Folks! This summer my fiancée and I will be taking 2 road trips, one to Wisconsin the weekend after the 4th of July for 3 days, and to the Black Hills in South Dakota for our honeymoon at the end of August for 5-6 days. We will be driving through Nebraska and Iowa on our way to WI for...
  5. K

    Visiting From Colorado

    Hello Folks, I will be visiting WI (Eau Claire area) the weekend after the 4th of July. We will be driving up from Colorado and going through Nebraska which is OC friendly except Omaha, and Iowa which i need to do more research on. Seems Iowa is questionable right now. We are not going to be...
  6. K

    Nice OC Evening with Soon-To-be-Wife

    Hello All, It's been pretty smoky out here in Elizabeth from the wildfires. But that didn't stop us from getting out of the house tonight. We went to dinner at Guadalajara Mexican Resturant in Elizabeth, and I was OC'ing my Smith and Wesson .40. Place was pretty busy for a Tuesday night. No one...
  7. K

    Visiting from Colorado!

    Hello Everyone, My soon-to-be wife and I will be visiting the Black Hills area for our honeymoon during the week of August 26th. We are from Colorado and will be driving through via Nebraska. I have a Colorado CHP, but I OC most of the time in Colorado. I've never had any issues here in CO and...
  8. K

    Going For My CHP!

    Hello, I am finally going for my concealed carry permit! :banana: I will be taking my concealed class this Saturday morning, then I'm off to the Elbert County Sheriffs office to do the application, get fingerprinted, and pay my fees (more like a tax). I'm not too excited that it could take a...
  9. K

    Elizabeth, CO

    Hello Everyone, I just moved out here from Denver, and was just wondering how OC is out here. I have OC'd at the Wal-Mart here and outside of the main town of Elizabeth. I have not OC'ed yet in the main part of town due to what seems to me as the 1k foot rule for school zones overlapping most...
  10. K

    Want out of Denver!

    Well, I have until Oct 7th to give my 2 month notice to my landlord if I'm gonna vacate or stay. Thing is I'm currently in the PDR of Denver, which a lot of you guys already know. Currently, I pay $535/mo base rent in the DTC area which is unheard of! They will increase rent another $65 if i...
  11. K

    OC at Doctor's Office??

    Hello Folks! Anyone OC when they go to the Doctor's office? I gotta go thru "The Works" next week on Monday (full blood tests) and Wednesday for a full physical and I'm not too happy about it (unless the nurses are cute)! Tuesday was supposed to be a dental checkup, well, I forgot to fill out...
  12. K

    Aurora, CO OC meet up!

    Folks, Come join M-Taliesin and I as we host a an OC meet up at The Golden Corral! The Golden Corral 11090 E. Mississippi Ave., Aurora, Colorado 80012 Septemeber 24th, Noon! Yea, I know its still a crappy buffet, their TV commercials sure make the food look delicious! The main point is an...
  13. K

    Anybody Do Reloading?

    Hello! My brother in law and I do quite a bit of shooting, and we were talking the other night about reloading our own ammo for the range. I'd like to get some insight on this. We both mainly shoot 9mm and .40 on most of our trips to the range. Occasionaly a .223 Rem, and a 30-30, but we'd...
  14. K

    Rocky Mtn National Park OC??

    Hello All! Well, after a stupid crazy week at work, I AM ready for a 3 day weekend! Then my folks texted me and need about 18 hours worth of my help at their business this weekend, ugh! But I could use the extra money as I've been dreaming about this S&W 686 .357 Mag for quite some time! I...
  15. K

    First OC!

    Hello! Yesterday I finally did my first official OC! I met M-Taliesin who helped me get over my nervousness and we visited a few places. I wore my S&W .40 in a Galco OWB. I thought I was going to be nervous as hell, since I've been reading this forum for about 2 months getting myself...
  16. K

    OC Appearance

    I'm just wondering what you guys think about appearance while OC? Are there less hassles (LEO, MWAG calls, uninformed citizens?) OC'ing while looking well groomed and dressed well? Reason I ask is because my normal day to day appearance is pretty ratty. I'm an auto tech, so it's hard staying...
  17. K

    New to OC!

    Hello, I am a newbie OC'er. I'm still a little nervous about OC'ing. I have a SW .40 Sigma with a Galco OWB holster and a Desantis magazine pouch. I am very aware of the laws, people's reactions, etc as I've been reading the forums and studying like crazy! The only time I have OC'd was in the...