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    Warning Signs of Violence

    Found this very helpful list in my health textbook. :rolleyes: http://i.imgur.com/gHSjR.jpg
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    Explosive devices detonate at Mt. Hood Community College Wednesday night

    http://www.theoutlookonline.com/news/story.php?story_id=133668139780279400 This happened yesterday and I just learned about it several hours ago. No alert was sent to students regarding this incident. I had just left campus 15 minutes prior too. Schools are dangerous places, no matter what...
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    Woman kills intruder during home invasion, KANSAS CITY, MO

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    HB 4045 & SB 1594 being heard NOW!

    Video available: http://www.leg.state.or.us/listn/ ( Senate Chamber Video ) SB 1594 - Last minute bill to BAN Carry on Schools! http://gov.oregonlive.com/bill/2012/SB1594/ HB 4045 - Protects CHL information http://gov.oregonlive.com/bill/2012/HB4045/ Edit: I'll have a recording of the...
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    Eugene intruder, shot dead by resident, had just been released from jail (Oregon)

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    OPB Think Out Loud - Legislating Handguns (feat.) Senator Burdick & Rep. Thatcher

    Radio segment with Rep. Kim Thatcher and Senator Burdick on the pending legislation of CHL Privacy and banning handguns in schools and public buildings http://opb.org/thinkoutloud/shows/legislating-handguns/ (stream available on site) .... Direct download...
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    2012 Legislation - Several bills are Anti-Gun

    From Oregon Firearms Foundation(OFF): http://oregonfirearms.org/2012/2012%20bills.html Here we go...... :banghead: :banghead: SB 1550 BANS FIREARMS ON SCHOOL PROPERTY Eliminates affirmative defense exempting concealed handgun licensees from crime applicable to possession of firearm or other...
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    "TAURUS" branded plastic retention holster similar to Serpa (iTAC Defense product)

    I have the iTac retention holster and iTac dual magazine holster. It seems the Taurus branded holster is cheaper than the non-branded version. Two minor issues that I have noticed, the firearm gets scuffed on the inside of the holster (It's my daily carry and wear & tear is expected, so I am...
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    OCer detained/disarmed in Medford, Oregon.. (Video)

    The video was originally posted in the Oregon Open Carry Report thread and I figured cross posting it here would get more exposure. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1UkfirtoDQ Article: http://www.mailtribune.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20111213/NEWS/112130311/-1/COMM
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    Gresham Revised Code -- Need your input..

    I have been preparing a list of issues with the GRC and I plan on voicing these issues at a Gresham City Council meeting. Chapter 7 Offenses and Health: Article 7.10 OFFENSES 7.10.040. Unlawful Discharge of Firearm. NOTES: Missing several exmptions required under ORS 166.172 (Listed...
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    Oregon Adopt-A-Highway

    I know OCDO users in other states have similar events and I figured we could get one going as well. Program requires a "Spokesperson" to be an overseer of the group. I don't have an issue with taking that role if no one else wants it. :lol: We need to choose a portion of highway to cover as...
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    Mt. Hood Community College

    imported post I am attending MHCC and was wondering if anyone has had any issues carrying on campus?