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    Car dealership carry experience

    I was expecting issues with the car dealers around. Most that I have seen are posted and if I was going to by a car I would have to do it their way:rolleyes:. Not really. Background: I needed to replace my daughters car (really mine, but she drives it). She is a college student (out of...
  2. H

    Vehicle Handgun Holster....For Those That Want It Close!

    Have one.... and it works very well. Since I don't have much padding (6'2" 180#) this helps relieve my back of an imprint when driving. I don't always need it as my carry method varies. I attached a basic nylon holster to it and it works. The soft holster is a good choice to save my knees...
  3. H

    New here..

    Hello to all; I am new to the forum, so in my first post I feel it is important to tell you a little something about myself: I have been lurking here (and other gun related sites) for many months now and am finally getting around to registering. My lurking has given me something of a picture...