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  1. Michael48632

    This is why distance is your friend

    NOBODY wants to take a person's life it is not the easiest thing to live with and you will question yourself million of times over if you could have done something else and be guilt ridden for the rest of your life I know as I had friends that had to make that call and one even took his own life...
  2. Michael48632

    Adolescent arrested for posting what LEs acknowledged was a joke!

    Do STUPID things WIN STUPID prizes ! THIS KID was old enough to know this action was wrong and still did it SOOOOOO he gets the punishment coming OR would we have the next kid that does the same thing BUT goes through with the shooting and than we cry why wasn't anything done ? I side with...
  3. Michael48632

    Alien Gear Holster Company attacks open carry

    They are as bad as Gillette bashing MEN
  4. Michael48632

    I have been thinking about open carry, but still undecided due to social pressure.

    Open carry around your neighborhood for awhile during walks and such and once you get comfortable than go out further and once you get feeling confident and comfortable do it whenever you can , I always open carry except when I am in the Detroit area and then I wear a shoulder holster and a jacket .
  5. Michael48632

    I have been thinking about open carry, but still undecided due to social pressure.

    Open carry around your neighborhood until you get comfortable and than go further until it becomes natural for you , I open carry alot even in the home and the only time I conceal is when I head down to Detroit and then I wear a shoulder holster and it is to not offend any of my snobby family...
  6. Michael48632

    FBI agent loses his gun while dancing

    Maybe they forgot to teach that part in the ACADEMY ! ROFL
  7. Michael48632

    Should I open carry or wait?

    Start open carrying around your neighborhood to get comfortable with it then go further out till it feels natural for you .
  8. Michael48632

    man grabs gun from open carrier

    Hmmmmmm , no permanent address ? Can you say homeless and armed being drug offender so they make a bogus story and this guy is the fall guy to further their cause .
  9. Michael48632

    Her son died robbing a Pizza Hut. NOW she is trying to SUE

    That is the WHOLE PROBLEM the criminals commit crimes and the LAW ABIDING CITIZEN has to pay in CIVIL COURT !!!! This is what is wrong with our JUSTICE SYSTEM if you get killed while committing a crime than there should be NO CIVIL LIABILITY for the CRIMINAL and OR HIS FAMILY !!!!!
  10. Michael48632

    Carrying at Applebees

    Interesting I didn't hear of that and was surprised because acouple of years ago they had a sign at the door so maybe it is a privately owned business .
  11. Michael48632

    What do you carry?

    What do you carry I carry a Kimber Custom shop Pro CDP2 in stainless slide and blued frame in a Galco Fletch thumb break outer waistband . Love the weight and size it is perfect for open and or concealed carry .
  12. Michael48632

    Carrying at Applebees

    Does anyone know if it is legal to carry at Applebees ? I went for lunch today and I didn't notice a sign at the front door they use to have did they decide to go with Michigans laws on this matter ? It is in Mount Pleasant , Michigan .