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    Anyone planning on going to the Bellevue Family 4th?

    http://www.bellevuedowntown.org/events/familyfourth/index.html I am going to bring some WA Gun Rights pamphlets to hand out too. Who's in?
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    Puallup Gun Show this weekend

    imported post Jun 5-6 Puyallup, Western Washington Farigrounds, 1200 tbls, $40, A: $8 Sat 8-5 Sun 8-4 WAC 425-255-8410 I was thinking of going on Sat. Does OCDO have a table? If so, which one of you gentleman is setting that up?
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    OT: I Love Guns & Coffee T-Shirts

    imported post GREY IS FINALLY HERE!!! Colors Available are: White (green/black logo) Grey (green/black logo) Black (white only logo) If you would like one, please PM me or email me. For those of you who do not have an account at opencarry, please create one and you will be allowed to PM me...
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    Des Moines City Park Sign

    imported post Does anyone want to contact recreation@desmoineswa.gov and let them know they need to consult with their legal department regarding their sign at the parking lot entrance that states "possession" of a firearm is prohibited? I don't live in Des Moines, so I thought this might be...
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    Even possible to OC this?

    imported post For those who are "all thumbs" and/or have trouble operating a traditional firearm, here is an interesting alternative. I wonder if it comes in a left handed model :? Wait..... I guess it doesn't it matter? http://www.palmpistol.com/ BTW, this is not a joke. It is for real...
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    New to OC - First Non LEO Encounter... asked "the question"

    imported post First off, I just want to say that I am new to OC. I have owned an XD 40 for about 2 years now and have had CCW permit for just as long, but OC is new to me. I know that we have all been there, but here is my story… I decided to OC on Thursday the 3rd after getting a new holster...