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  1. ncwabbit

    go well

    Gentle greetings I have had the privilege and the opportunity of reading & chatting, and in limited situations personally meeting, with numerous individuals on this forum who share the same enjoyment of carrying their firearms in their daily lives, both openly as well as concealed, across this...
  2. ncwabbit

    best buy in wilson

    well, a first occurred for me this afternoon...i was thrown out of Wilson's best buy by the 'section manager' of the GEEK Squad. i was trying to buy a floor model workstation and the sales lad couldn't answer my question so he went and got a manager and MikeD, intro'd himself as the 'section...
  3. ncwabbit

    LE OC'g out of their jurisdiction & on college property

    had an opportunity to be on a community college campus in Kinston over the weekend and two gentlemen were open carrying while attending, not instructing, a class with fifty other students. when approached about wearing a firearm while on campus they flatly stated even though they were off duty...
  4. ncwabbit

    tsa doing "random" bag checks at gate

    flying out of raleigh nc and second time in two weeks tsa is at gate (after screening)with six agents "randomly" looking at majority of passengers carry on bags? didnt experience agents at gates @ denver or seatac and denver on return flts. any thoughts on whats going with this new tsa...
  5. ncwabbit

    did others miss this news event?

    http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/local_news/article/Two-wounded-in-theater-shooting-4122668.php DV murder gone amok in restaurant, Perp enters theater and gets shot four times by off duty deputy before someone else gets murdered? nothing on mainstream media? wabbit ps: did i doze off when...
  6. ncwabbit

    forgot book title & author

    i am looking for the title & author of the 'comprehensive' book mentioned about firearm laws of nc...wrote it down last it was mentioned out here but the paper has escaped off my desk ... tks & have a hny... wabbit
  7. ncwabbit

    even our finest fail to heed and follow basic firearm safety..

    http://www.wral.com/fayetteville-police-chief-accidentally-shoots-self-/11922668/ quote Fayetteville police chief accidentally shoots self Interim Fayetteville Police Chief Katherine Bryant returned to work Friday after she accidentally shot herself in the hand during the Christmas holiday...
  8. ncwabbit

    open letter to Paul V of GRNC

    Paul, could you tell everyone when did you direct your organization from "...North Carolina’s most effective gun rights organization...dedicated to preserving constitutional freedoms. Most – but not all – of the organization’s projects are devoted to defending the individual right to keep and...
  9. ncwabbit

    Oh, the humanity

    3 Dec lead from Goldsboro Argus' headline story by reporter Anderson Fine: quote A young woman collapses when her emotions get the best of her. She wails and sobs uncontrollably. "No. No," she screams again and again. "Why? God, why?" She knows two people are dead inside the house located a...
  10. ncwabbit

    ATF to Reclassify Semi-Automatics and Large Mags?

    truly...where is your critical thinking skills mate... sorry chasing after men w/an oil lamp looking for an honest man has made me a bit of a cynic over the years... wabbit ps: if i could predict the future, i would align myself w/the power ball tomorrow night!!
  11. ncwabbit

    OC in rio rancho

    OC'd in Rio Rancho's verizon contract store and staff was completely confortable but another customer came in and phreaked as she walked widely around me to the otherside of the counter w/nothing in her hands...the customer needed to use the fone next to me to validate her account information so...
  12. ncwabbit

    UNC hospital firearm in parking lot

    Toddled up to UNC hospital in chapel hill and while the hospital doors are plainly marked stating 'state law prohibits weapons...' i was wondering about the parking lot structure and if that was classified as 'school' property and i truly couldn't even have my FNH on the premise in my safe...
  13. ncwabbit

    tacoma query - gun shop selection and range

    Gentle greetings i am embarking on a sojourn back to the evergreen state and will be visiting the nephew who just reached his majority and has expressed interest in obtaining a firearm as well as learning how to shoot (much to the chagrin of his parents - which is his issue to deal with from my...
  14. ncwabbit


    Ok, I’m confused…GRNC’s website (http://www.grnc.org/grnc-pvf/grnc-pvf-alertsupdates/262-grnc-pvf-update-4-20-12-vote-wisely-with-grnc-candidate-evaluations) states how GRNC's evaluations are accurate and quote: GRNC does not inflate its election win ratios by favoring incumbents…A candidate...
  15. ncwabbit

    there is karma in the world

    http://www.cafemom.com/articles/in_the_news/142916/man_shot_after_he_admits?utm_medium=sem2&utm_campaign=prism&utm_source=outbrain&utm_content=0 wabbit
  16. ncwabbit

    Friends' Events

    While there are those who will cough up hairballs… The next couple of months are big for North Carolina’s Friends of the NRA’s fund raising events. Friends gives out GRANTS to organizations throughout NC in support of worthwhile shooting activities in a myriad of NC counties each year. Cost to...
  17. ncwabbit

    Goldsboro Meet and greet at Andy's/Hyway 55 in MarMac

    Talked w/owner who said no problem with locals OC'g and meeting up on the 18th for lunch if anybody is interested...say noonish? addy on the internet says it is 114 five points road but it is next to the food lion out on 117/13 just as you head out of goldsboro...
  18. ncwabbit

    disappointing Wadsworth gun store experience

    traveling through the buckeye state from IL and stopped in Wadsworth to conduct a firearm educational course for a group of friends and needed a few things so stopped at elite tactical supply on High street to see if i could find the items in question. Walked in, noonish...three men standing...
  19. ncwabbit

    meet and greet lunch in goldsboro 5 may @ zackbys?

    talked w/the assistant manager about their thoughts regarding a OC group lunch meet up and after checking w/the manager, said ok. therefore, i will be enjoying a salad w/blacken chicken on the 5th of May at 1230 - 1330 if anybody wishes to join me. 104 NORTH BERKELEY BOULEVARD GOLDSBORO NC...
  20. ncwabbit

    Is this truly necessary?

    i have enough concern when law enforcement is walking around in plain sight... but fortified sniper nests at the superbowl...truly? http://deadspin.com/5883203/this-looks-like-a-fortified-snipers-nest-at-the-super-bowl shades of syria, eygpt, etc.... wabbit